Broadband Connection Problems

  wagstaf 10:29 08 May 2011

Help Required!! I have a problem with my telephone/broadband connection. We have a BT master socket with a double adapter (1 for phone) (1 for netgear wireless router). Yesterday the adapter didn't work (or I thought it was the adapter)so I bought a new one. Now I when I connect it, the phone works ok until I connect the broadband then neither works. The adapter is ok as it works perfectly ok with 2 phone lines or the broadband works ok with just the broadband socket installed. Any ideas please? Thanks

  Poitier 11:13 08 May 2011

Hi, It is not clear from your post ,but are you using a filter?.Both phone and router connect to the filter.Is the filter OK?

  wagstaf 11:19 08 May 2011

Thanks for yr reply. I was using a filter but have now taken it off. It was having the same problems...when I plugged in the phone to it was fine but when I plugged in the line to the router the phone goes off.

  onthelimit1 11:43 08 May 2011

Sounds like a duff filter - it does happen.

  wagstaf 11:53 08 May 2011

it was all ok yesterday until my missus knocked the bt master socket and the double adapted whilst hoovering. that's why i can't figure it out. it's all back as it should be!

  wagstaf 12:10 08 May 2011

Here's a new slant! I've just bought another ADSL filter. So I have a BT master socket with filter fitted. Same thing happens...plug phone in and get dial tone. Then plug modem in and get no dial tone.

  Poitier 14:55 08 May 2011

Hi, Sounds as though the socket is damaged. Remove the faceplate and plug the filter into the test socket on the wall behind it.

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