Broadband Connection Problem

  keithlik 09:33 01 Jan 2007

I have a high spec PC running XP Home Ed. My difficulty is maintaining a connection on Tiscali Broadband. All the usual checks seem OK and Tiscali insist that it not a fault on their line, and dont offer much in the way of help. The connection can run for several days without a problem but then can not connect for a few days. At the moment I am unable to connect and am using a friends computer to make this contact. Anti virus, firewall etc. have been checked out.

Could it be that Tiscali are short on capacity (new computers at Xmas) or am I missing something?

  wobblymike 09:44 01 Jan 2007

Not enough detail really but first thought is

Are you running a USB connection? if so consider switching to ethernet if you have an ethernet conection on PC and modem

  birdface 11:24 01 Jan 2007

Try Control panel,Network Connections,Right Click local Area Connection, Repair,See if there are any problems there.

  birdface 11:41 01 Jan 2007

I am with Ntl and when We have problems like that,We are told to switch Modem off at the main,wait 10 seconds then turn it on again, then wait 2 minutes before using it,Works most times,Dont suppose it could be switching to work off line,Or only other thing I try is ,Tools, Internet Options,Connections, Lan Settings, Make sure Automatic detect Settings is ticked.

  howard64 12:08 01 Jan 2007

My cousin lives almost at the furthest extent of the line from the exchange and is thankful for any broadband service. His system stopped connecting in the middle of October. His phone worked fine but not the net. BT checked the line several times at the request of him via his isp. After about a month BT sent a team in that seemed to know what they were doing. They found that the line to his house was snagging on a branch of a tree along the road. The cable was ripped bare at this point and although the phone worked the net signal was not getting through. The BT team used a laptop firstly at his house with no joy and then from the pole up the road and got connected. He only has to wait about 1 month more for a new cable to be installed. The point of this is that you do not just accept the comment from your isp that the line is ok. Become a nuisance. Before you do this make sure that it is the line and not your equipment. I took a complete set of pc and modem to his house to test the line. I also took his kit to my place and proved it worked just fine. Good luck and Happy New Year.

  Dipso 15:17 01 Jan 2007

What hardware do you use? Which broadband product, 1 / 2 Meg or 8 Meg?

  Jimmy14 15:34 01 Jan 2007

Are you running an extension cable between the phone line and modem to your computer? If so, Tiscali has told me that unless you buy a specific high speed cable then the current extension cables cant transfer data so my connection used to disconnect quite alot. Also, have you got a microfilter you received from Tiscali plugged into the phoneline to stop interference?

  bluto1 20:16 01 Jan 2007

I had similar problem,same ISP.
I resolved it by disconnecting the Speedtouch modem and telephone, then running the Tiscali installation disc.(It becomes an uninstall disc)
After uninstallation re-install following the on-screen instructions exactly. Everythings been fine ever since. Give it a try if you`ve not done so already. H N Y

  bluto1 20:21 01 Jan 2007

buteman`s idea for switching off and allowing some time to pass is also good. USB connectors can sometimes act as a capacitor and store electricity between the plates as a condensor does and when switched off they slowly discharge.

  johnem 20:26 01 Jan 2007

When you switch of the power to the modem, disconnect the ADSL line connector as well. You may also find that for some reason yuor login name/password may have become corrupted. delete and retype. Had similar problems with my Voyager 105 modem, a combination opf these seemed to cure it, most times.

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