Broadband Connection Problem

  freddy-firecracker 18:14 30 May 2005

Hi, whenver i am connected to wanadoo through my broadband modem the line always gets cut off when the phone rings meaning i have to reconnect and also do the same when the phone goes down again. I have filters situated at my phone point(in another room)and also at my sky connection and at an upstairs phone. I do not know what is causing this but it can be really annoying at times. Should my broadband not be unaffected my this happening??

Any help will be grateful



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 30 May 2005

Sounds like you need a filter between the modem and incoming line.

  brambles 18:32 30 May 2005

My main point is in the hall - I have a filter on it.

Then I bring the extension lead in to which I have inserted a filter prior to connecting to the modem.

I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\that it is almost certainly a Filter problem. Persevere you'll get there!


  eego 18:44 30 May 2005

Agree with "Fruit Bat" you seem to be a filter short somewhere. You need to let us know how the input to your modem comes from the primary line in the other room. Are you running an extension cable or do you have a proper hard wired phone socket.

  Rtus 19:44 30 May 2005

Do I read you correctly . THe Modem should have 1 filter only at its connection to the line ,not 2 as your script seems to indicate. If I miss read you please forgive my error... a point in question would be how many phones have you connected?

  Rtus 19:46 30 May 2005

opps sos it not the originators script .......Silly Me ........Ill go back to kip now ..

  Graham ® 19:58 30 May 2005

This may be a defective/cheap filter which is allowing the ring and hang-up clicks to impinge on the broadband. Unplug all analogue devices(phones), then try each socket and filter in turn.

  freddy-firecracker 21:06 30 May 2005

My modem is connected to an extension from the living room. The pc is in the hallway

  woodchip 21:09 30 May 2005

Go to Control Panel and see what's loaded for your Modem in Networking, Other than TCP/IP

  Graham ® 08:48 31 May 2005

Could be the extension wiring has a crossed pair. It is important that terminals 2 and 5 are a pair. Check the wiring.

  huzzar 09:50 31 May 2005

ADSL modems do not work well from telephone extension leads, you will keep dropping your connection. The longer the lead the shorter the connection time.

What you can do is lengthen your cable from the modem to your phone socket, that's what I do and it works fine.

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