Broadband connection problem

  hector710 16:17 21 Feb 2004

I installed Tiscali Broadband yesterday, using a Sagem Fast 800modem; ( I use Windows 98 se); all went well yesterday; in the evening, I downloaded
Spyhunter and Zonealarm.This morning, again, all went well; then, midmorning, I disconnected, to install my printer on a usb port;(it works ok) When I tried to connect, I was immediately disconnected with the message: error 629; I could not reconnect; I rebooted several times, and after about the third reboot, I was able to reconnect.This has happened again this afternoon. Tiscali Helpline were not very useful.They suggested rebooting,and gave me a new number to try, which had the same problem.This last time, I shut down completely, then rebooted, and found I could connect.Being new to Broadband, I am in the habit of disconnecting every time I finish with the Internet, but I don't actually need to do that, do I? This time, I am staying connected until I close down tonight; any help would be very welcome!

  ^wave^ 16:21 21 Feb 2004

is it a usb modem if so you may have a conflict with the printer you just installed

  johnnyrocker 16:33 21 Feb 2004

is your modem connection usb? what make of printer?


  JIM 16:34 21 Feb 2004

with your problem in a bit,but see you run "Spyhunter"

Big fake warning [link] 5. February 2004
For the past two weeks, I got massive complaints from people who saw recommendations for Spybot-S&D on some TV show or heard about it on radio, and tried to go for it through the TV/radios website. Somehow, a bad link to Spybot-S&D is on its way and leading people to think that SpyHunter or SpyKiller would be the recommended Spybot-S&D. People downloading these two are forced to pay to remove spyware, and in the case of SpyKiller are even directed to us for support!

So my warning: please double-check what you've got before you pay anything!

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  hector 911 16:34 21 Feb 2004

you said that you connected a printer, I take it that you use a different usb port! or do you mean you remove adsl modem and plug in printer

Adsl modems prefer to have a port all to it`s self, not on a hub.

I have the same modem, and I never bother disconnecting when I shut down PC, but I do disconnect after I`m finished on the net, to cut down users on the server online.

  Greenfingers 16:40 21 Feb 2004

Try the following:-
Disconnect the modem from the usb hub.
Remove the sagem software/driver.
Close the computer down.
Restart the computer and reinstall the sagem software(do not connect the modem until the software is installed).
Reconnect the modem into the usb hub and you should be ok.
The printer software has caused conflict with the resident modem driver.
Do you have adsl filters plugged into all your phone sockets?
Is the connection for the modem plugged into a master or hardwired socket?
Good Luck

  hector710 16:42 21 Feb 2004

The modem uses a USB port, as does my printer, Lezmark z55; I have 2 usb ports; the modem is on one, and on the other, I have a hub, which the printer uses.I had this disconnect problem before I connected the printer, so I assume that it isn't a printer/modem conflict.

  JIM 16:50 21 Feb 2004

Zonealarm,Check that your security settings are not to high,drop it down.

If you go to the device manager and look in the serial bus controllers list on + open each item,(right click properties look for power tab and see if your usb printer and modem are sharing the same port.

Broadband Moden need its own port, not sharing with printer or anything else. Also when there look for power managment tab and un tick,then ok.

Also,go to Network adapters,and in the properties (right click properties) look for adapter connection related to your Tiscali Broadband modem. There may be power management to untick there as well.

See some have covered points allready.

  vinnyo123 18:10 21 Feb 2004

Is there only one PC involved here Via modem to PC NIC?




PS reset(restart) modem before test.And what for it to initialize.

post back

  hector710 19:04 21 Feb 2004

Thanks for so many fast answers; I'm reading thru them all,and will report on progress. Sorry, Vinnyo123, I am not computer literate enough to understand what you mean by Ping, etc.Yes, there is only 1 computer involved.

  Chegs ® 19:21 21 Feb 2004

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There are several reason why you may be receiving the error 629. Below are a few examples:

The modem driver is corrupt
The DUN connection is dialing an invalid access number
The modem is not attempting a compatible connection
Authentication failure (invalid username or password)
Invalid or corrupt DUN connection settings

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