Broadband connection losing sync with exchange

  Nosmas 22:13 13 Mar 2005

System W38, IE v6.0, AVG7 Free,Sygate Personal Firewall, ADSL modem - Fujitsu FDX310 usb modem.

A couple of times yesterday, but many times this evening, my broadband connection keeps dropping and the sync light on the modem starts to flash. I then have to wait until it re-syncs before getting re-connected. Sometimes the connection only lasts for a few minutes.

I have rebooted twice but have not had any improvement. Could this be a fault with my system - if so any ideas please - or might it be due perhaps to BT doing something at the exchange?

  Nosmas 23:36 13 Mar 2005

Thanks for that number - very useful for future reference, but unfortunately the BT report didn't refer to my area.

  Nosmas 00:47 15 Mar 2005

Problem seems to have sorted itself - connection now working properly just as suddenly as when it started to lose sync. As I have done nothing to my system can only assume that BT were doing something at the exchange.

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