Broadband connection keeps dropping

  pmsmoos 08:57 12 Dec 2005

Dear readers would like to share my expieriances with a regular droping conection. I live and work on a farm and have worked out that when the cattle fence (Electric) Is on my connection drops every 30 seconds or so. It depends on the weather and if there are any shorts to earth or not.
Recently I have noticed an increase in the proble and have trcked this down to the fashing Christmas lights around the house.
Hope this helps. Topbull

  rawprawn 09:03 12 Dec 2005

HO, Ho, Ho!

  Stuartli 11:12 12 Dec 2005

Well I'm OK on the electric cattle fence aspect..:-)

  pmsmoos 13:13 12 Dec 2005

This is not a windup. I guess for those who are close enough to an exchange to get super fast speeds and a connection that never fails it won't apply but some of us poor so-- souls are just on the boundary of the 512 kb limit and this sort of thing does happen. A BT installer informed me of a similar problem after a local DIY store put up its lights and connections in the vicinity would not hold. In my case my line goes under ground and this may be a contributory factor. But believe me it does happen
I guess what I am trying to say that to those people who have this problem this may be an answer. and a cheap one to rule out for those who don’t just think yourselves as very lucky

  amonra 17:26 12 Dec 2005

Your telephone line is obviously picking up spikes of interference from the fencer and/or the Xmas lights and this is upsetting the "lock" between your computer and the exchange. As a "quick fix", I have in the past tried a short length of Suppressed HT lead (from a car-parts shop) between the fencer unit and the actual fence. This will kill the most severe spikes. If you have a friendly scrap merchant near you, try looking for the old fashioned "in-line" car ignition suppressor, that will do the same job on the fencer but as regards the Xmas lights ???? Roll on Jan 1st

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