Broadband connection 'dropping out'

  Curio 14:06 16 Apr 2004

Have had Blueyonder Broadband for over six months now and am impressed with the speed. However hardly a day goes by without the connection dropping out, sometimes 4 or more times a day. Have had the engineers out and they have carried out various checks and also double-checked all physical cable connections and provided a new cable modem. It matters not whether I am connected to network card or USB it still drops out. Nothing untoward has been found by the engineer.
Is there something wrong with my computer that could cause this?
Dell 4550 2.66gb, 512 DDR RAM Windows XP Home, 18 months old

  hugh-265156 14:25 16 Apr 2004

i have no idea sorry.

you could try this anylizer click here and the optimizer click here to check your are set up correctly help click here

  Djohn 14:27 16 Apr 2004

Not sure if this will apply to Cable but does to Broadband modems used with the phone-line.

Right click on your "My Computer" Icon then click on Device manager. Scroll down to "Universal Serial bus controllers" and click on the + sign at the side of it.
Scroll down to "USB root hub" [may be several].

Right click on the first one and choose "Properties". click on the "Power management tab and remove the tick from "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

Do the same for all/any other root hub devices showing. This may be the cause of your problem.

  hugh-265156 14:28 16 Apr 2004

sorry,analyzer link above click here

  Curio 15:40 16 Apr 2004

Have carried out procedure as outlined by Djohn. Now waiting to see if it works with Broadband. Will advise IDC

  TommyRed 15:59 16 Apr 2004

Does that speedguide optimizer actually work?, bearing in mind the consequences suffered from the RAMdisk. Which reminds me to check restore points before running it. TR

  TommyRed 16:07 16 Apr 2004

I've run the analyser twice, first time it said the MTU/MSS values wanted changing by the optimizer, second time everything was alright. Jesus that optimizer must be good it fixed it just by being downloaded, is it German by any chance? LOL TR

  hugh-265156 16:33 16 Apr 2004

no the analyzer only gives a report.

the optomizer did work for me though.

all it does is change a few registry settings to set your connection to give the best results click here

  Curio 16:55 16 Apr 2004

Djohn - Sorry to say, within 45 mins of carrying out this procedure, the connection dropped out. Back to the drawing board for further brainwaves

  Djohn 17:03 16 Apr 2004

That didn't work! Do you have any other USB peripheral equipment attached to your PC. Such as printer/scanner? If you do then can you disconnect them and let your broadband run for a few hours to see if this will help. A USB mouse or keyboard will be OK to leave connected. j.

  Curio 17:13 16 Apr 2004

Djohn. Have now disconnected USB2 Hub and Lexmark 3 in 1. Will wait and see what happens

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