broadband Connection

  Greengo 08:45 28 Sep 2004

My Broadband connection keeps getting interupted. I have downloaded the windows xp service pack but i'm still having the same problem. Can anyoune one offer any advice. ( Currently running windows xp professssional, Aol broadband user)

  Diodorus Siculus 08:47 28 Sep 2004

Could be a line problem. Have you spoken to AOL?

  Greengo 10:48 28 Sep 2004

I'll get on to it now. If it isn't this what else could it be?

  Graham ® 10:56 28 Sep 2004

The most common cause is another device connected to the same USB hub as the modem.

  stlucia 12:55 28 Sep 2004

... or a dodgy filter, allowing other telephone traffic to interfere?

  Noelg23 13:32 28 Sep 2004

you never mentioned if you have digital these can also cause problems...i wouldnt call BT just yet (I work for them and we get calls like this all the time)...first check all your connections in the house then the modem and the computer settings for the interne connection...then ring AOL and if they say ring BT dont....tell them they need to contact BT Wholesale and if there is a problem its between AOL and BT Wholesale...then I would call BT faults and get them to test your if BT say your line is fine then its definitely a broadband related problem and I would leave it to BT Wholesale and AOL to sort it out...bearing in mind that BT only do a line test for your phone line and not the broadband only your service provider can do that...

  The Old Mod 15:27 28 Sep 2004

I had a lot of problems when I went over to broadband. Being an electrician and not wanting to bother Bt if the trouble was at my end, I tested everything at my end first. Finaly after changing cables, powersupply, checking phone socket connections and changing filters, I had Bt turn up and do a check. They found a problem with the cables from the junction box up the road to my place and once sorted have not had a problem since.

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