Broadband Connection

  ened 06:53 21 Sep 2004

My Dad, who lives far away has the following set up:
BT line in - 3 way splitter - digital phone, Sky and computer.

It has been confirmed that the line is 'live' for BB and he is getting two green lights both remaining on on his modem.

But only briefly - ie: the left hand one is green and permanent but the right hand one stays on briefly then starts flashing again.

He has wasted hours on Wanadoo helpline so I presume the basics have been covered, but he is starting to get very disillusioned with the whole thing and any help would be gratefully received.

  ened 07:07 21 Sep 2004

I think he mentioned something about the lead in advice from the helpline - but we discounted it. We will look at it again, thanks.

  ened 07:46 21 Sep 2004

Any other suggestions?

  spuds 10:23 21 Sep 2004

It may sound crazy, but is there more than one firewall active. A friend had a similar Freeserve [Wanadoo] problem, which eventually involved Freeserve and BT who offered many solutions to no avail in the first instance, until finally it was traced to the fact he was running ZoneAlarm and XP, plus one via Freeserve/BT connection. Silly as it may sound,but he was totally unaware of the implications, returning to one firewall solved the problem.

Another fault found was via BT's system outside in-street connection box, and the amount of people that were connected to it. Certain times of the day, the system was in full use, hence poor connection rate.It took three BT engineers visits and checks to find this fault.

  ened 17:18 21 Sep 2004

He went out this morning and bought an rj11 and it is now working.

Also thanks to Noleg24 for the useful hints.

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