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  ened 06:53 21 Sep 2004

My Dad, who lives far away has the following set up:
BT line in - 3 way splitter - digital phone, Sky and computer.

It has been confirmed that the line is 'live' for BB and he is getting two green lights both remaining on on his modem.

But only briefly - ie: the left hand one is green and permanent but the right hand one stays on briefly then starts flashing again.

He has wasted hours on Wanadoo helpline so I presume the basics have been covered, but he is starting to get very disillusioned with the whole thing and any help would be gratefully received.

  picklsey 07:02 21 Sep 2004

i had similar problem the only way i could resolve it was to buy a rj11 extension lead rather than use a normal telephone extension.i just tried it the way i had it before just to be sure and i could,t get it to work.also get him to double check that his bb filter is connected directly in to his bt box.hope this helps.

  ened 07:07 21 Sep 2004

I think he mentioned something about the lead in advice from the helpline - but we discounted it. We will look at it again, thanks.

  ened 07:46 21 Sep 2004

Any other suggestions?

  Noleg24 08:32 21 Sep 2004

get rid of the 3 way splitter and you have to have Sky connected at all times. if you have a normal telephone extension cable for the computer plug the cable into the phone socket first then the filter then the modem...also since you have a digital phone your asking for more trouble cos the signal from the phone will get in the way of broadband signal which is also digital. I would suggest getting extension boxes fitted in other areas of the house especially where the computer is situated..since you dont mention where exactly the computer is I cant really say list exactly what it is you have and I will be able to help you more...I use to work at BT broadband and came across this problem with lots of customers all the time...its not uncommon. I have a digital phone and an extension cable plus Sky digital...but the Sky is not plugged into the phone line...and when I want to use the Internet I just unplug the digital phone and plug the extension cable in as there is a normal analogue phone in the room with the computer.

  Noleg24 08:35 21 Sep 2004

ignore the first line about Sky...its meant to say you're not meant to have Sky connected at all times...I repeat you dont need Sky to be connected at all was a typing error...

  ste_bla 09:50 21 Sep 2004

With sky if your within the first 12 months it is part of your contract to have sky connected at all times

  Noleg24 10:02 21 Sep 2004

yeah thats what they say...but me and my girlfriend have had sky for over a year now and not once has it been connected to the phone line and she has not received a letter from them saying you should have it connected...I know the rules...but there are some Sky engineers who will tell you the dont need it connected at all times...only if your odering cinema tickets and all that...

  numskull 10:02 21 Sep 2004

I had this problem when I first got Broadband.
I forgot to get a filter for the Sky box. Once I fitted a telephone line filter to the Sky box - end of problem.
Hope this is not stating the obvious.

  spuds 10:23 21 Sep 2004

It may sound crazy, but is there more than one firewall active. A friend had a similar Freeserve [Wanadoo] problem, which eventually involved Freeserve and BT who offered many solutions to no avail in the first instance, until finally it was traced to the fact he was running ZoneAlarm and XP, plus one via Freeserve/BT connection. Silly as it may sound,but he was totally unaware of the implications, returning to one firewall solved the problem.

Another fault found was via BT's system outside in-street connection box, and the amount of people that were connected to it. Certain times of the day, the system was in full use, hence poor connection rate.It took three BT engineers visits and checks to find this fault.

  Noleg24 10:37 21 Sep 2004

contention ratio (50:1 or 20:1) only affects speeds if one person or more is downloading day in day out...but I dont think thats the case here...its more to do with the house setup in terms of phones and connections...hence having a 3 way splitter with a digital phone and sky and the broadband and that is a recipe for disaster...and I dont think Firewall would be a factor in this case altho its a fair good notion to point out.

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