Broadband Connection

  [DELETED] 14:07 23 Nov 2003

Does anybody know if it is possible to connect two separate PCs to the internet at the same time, each using its own broadband modem, but on two separate extensions of the home phone number and using the same broadband account?

This would seem to be a simpler solution than setting up a home netork.

  powerless 14:10 23 Nov 2003

No, you would need a 2nd phone line installed.

Home Netwok is the only way.

  powerless 14:12 23 Nov 2003

...and with a second phone line, i'm sure the ISP would not allow 2 connections to the same account. Then again might not be technically possible - so that is the end of that.

  [DELETED] 14:28 23 Nov 2003

I have two computers each has its own B/B modem, but they can only connect one at a time. They are both set up with the same account details but you cannot use the internet on both at the same time.

My reasons for this allows the children to link-up thier own pc to the net without clogging my pc up with rubbish.

[email protected] E

  [DELETED] 14:30 23 Nov 2003

eh? why not buy a simple router and problem sorted. not to expensive either.

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