Broadband Choices

  falafeleater 23:41 17 Jul 2007

I just moved to London and after some research have narrowed my search for broadband to two options. They are Be Unlimited and Virgin Broadband.

Be Unlimited is 24 mbps and including line rental the cost amounts to 35 quid.

On the other hand, Virgin is 20mbps and costs 29 quid for the first 12 months and 37 thereafter (line rental is included). Virgin is also cable (BE is adsl) so I think the connection will be more reliable and the speeds will remain more constant.

Which one do you think I should get. I thank in you in advance for your help.

  birdface 23:53 17 Jul 2007

6 Month ago I would have said NTL [Virgin].To-day I would not recommend them,They were all right as NTL. Since joining with Virgin.At the moment my download should be 2Mb I am getting 381Kbps at times and getting cut off the internet,Why not try Sky.

  Dipso 06:48 18 Jul 2007

I am with Be and would recommend them but the speed you get will depend on your proximity to the local telephone exchange. Virgin cable isn't affected by this.

  Technotiger 07:42 18 Jul 2007

I have been with BT for over five years and I would never change.

  tullie 08:07 18 Jul 2007

Nor me TT

  birdface 11:13 18 Jul 2007

Hi,Further up-date to loss off download speed.Having asked around I find that everyone in my area has the same problem.Going into their service status,They are not doing any repairs in our area,But if we phone up to complain,You now have to start paying for the phone calls.At the moment the Uk is one of the dearest countries providing Internet and broadband service's.I would say that NTL [Virgin]Must be one of the most expensive companies in the Uk.If any one knows a more expensive internet provider,Will they let us know.At the moment they are 6 billion pounds in the red,And are in the process of selling to another company.Richard Branson is in favor of the take over,And why not he will probably make a fortune out of it,

  Miros 12:27 18 Jul 2007

I have been with AOL three years, in the past I have had my gripes about them but over the last two years with a bit of wheeling and dealing
(threatening to change ISP's)I now have a wireless router, and it costs me only £9.95p a month.

I'm on their Broadband Silver service and since
the installation of the wireless router the service has been fantastic, I wouldn't now swap them. I get unlimited downloads, the speed maybe a bit slow for some but is adequate for my needs.

  falafeleater 12:55 18 Jul 2007

I'm only 400 meters from the exchange, so should I get Virgin or Be? I also heard that on cable, the speed remains pretty consistent throughout the day, unlike ADSL, is this true? Another option is Sky Broadband which is 10 pounds a month (plus line rental) for 16 mbps. However, from what I've read, Sky is not very reliable and their fair use policy is pretty harsh.

  Dipso 13:33 18 Jul 2007

Being so close to the exchange you could expect around 20 Meg from Be, you are lucky, not many people have as short a line as you. I don't notice a drop in speed at peak times.

I have heard the same about Sky.

  Jak_1 14:07 18 Jul 2007

[Quote]At the moment the Uk is one of the dearest countries providing Internet and broadband service's.[Unquote]

You want to look at the Australian prices! Now they can be outragous compared to ours.

click here

  birdface 17:39 18 Jul 2007

But thats in $ not pounds.Also ,Falafeleater I agree with you Cable should give you the full 20mb.But at the moment a few problems I dont want to put you off as this is only the second time I have had trouble with them.But they are a bit exspensive compared to others.

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