Broadband and chipsets

  diogenes 14:46 01 Nov 2003

Good afternoon,

I am considering upgrading to broadband.

I have a MESH computer which I bought in 2001.

I have been told that broadband does not work with certain kinds of chipsets found in older machines.

My machine has an ASUS A7V 133 motherboard. I have the manual but am unclear which particular chipset is fitted.

Can anyone out there help me? I will try and provide further information if necesssary.

Thank you.

  john-232317 14:53 01 Nov 2003

I am running broadband on an old pc, asus p5a super 7 mb, with a 400 amd k6 chip. Proable three or more years older than yours.

No problems at all....;-)

  Djohn 15:01 01 Nov 2003

There is a chipset that does not get on too well with certain Broadband modems and can cause a conflict, unfortunately I'm not sure of the two items that cause this conflict, but other members of the forum do and will inform you. j.

  STEVE71163 15:30 01 Nov 2003

I was told by AOL tech support that chipsets sis7001 has known issues with usb modems but i run 1mb broadband with this chipset no problems. If you have problems you only have to put in a pci usb card with a different chipset.

  anchor 17:16 01 Nov 2003

Aida32 will give you the information you need about your chipset, (and much more besides).

click here

  Dipso 23:33 01 Nov 2003

I think the conflict you are referring to is between ViA chipsets which according to this link click here is used in the Asus A7V motherboard, and Alcatel USB modems. The link suggests possible solutions. To avoid possible conflicts you may be better connecting using an alternative method, PCI modem or router.

  diogenes 00:28 02 Nov 2003

I have combed through the motherboard manual and have found that the chipset is "Apollo KT 133A". Does that make a difference?

Thanks for all your help.


  Dipso 13:36 02 Nov 2003

KT133 is also mentioned in the link I gave you, I don't know if it's the same as KT133A but if you are definitely wanting to use a USB modem for your ADSL connection, I think your best bet would be to avoid Alcatel(now Thomson) modems.

  diogenes 14:31 02 Nov 2003

Thank you for all the advice and help - it is appreciated.

I was thinking of getting BT broadband.

Is it too naive to think that they will be aware of the problem and not supply Alcatel/Thomson modems? Perhaps I ought to see what BT say.

  Dipso 21:24 03 Nov 2003

If it's BT Broadband (rather than BT Yahoo) that you are considering, the modem they bundle with the connection does not appear to be an Alcatel modem so you should be OK. (BT Yahoo on the other hand are offering the Alcatel Speedtouch 330 which you would have problems with). Like you say, you are probably better off checking with your chosen ISP to see if the modem included is the Alcatel. You could always accept the Alcatel modem, buy another and flog the Alcatel on wouldn't be the first!

  christmascracker 21:33 03 Nov 2003

My mother-in-law is on BT broadband/yahoo and has an Alcatel speedtouch.

I am on BT Broadband and have a BT Voyager 100.

Enjoy! - it's great

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