Broadband change

  shellship 18:05 06 Aug 2013

We are moving house and will keep our current telephone number. We have told BT and this has been arranged. Had an email from enta, my BB provider terminating my contract. When I asked why it was explained to me that BB goes with the copper wire, not with the telephone number and I have to start again. It gives me an opportunity to change provider which I was going to do anyway. We have Sky TV and are thinking of either them, BT or Plusnet. Any ideas or comments please.

  Jollyjohn 18:13 06 Aug 2013

I have had no problems with Plusnet. If you dig deep enough they are part of BT but generally cheaper. I have a 60GB per month package, with line rental and free landline calls for £37 /month. I was on 10GB per month but had a spell of exceeding it and found it cheaper to go for the slightly better package.

Note - most packages that offer free calls DO NOT include mobile numbers.

  alanrwood 18:49 06 Aug 2013

Did that include the extra £5/m for decent speed all day instead of being throttled for a lot of the daytime hours

  Pine Man 19:00 06 Aug 2013

I was with o2 who were bought out by Sky.

Sky offered me a good deal on Broadband & Home phone to jump ship early which I took. I must confess that I was a bit wary of Sky but having been with them for a couple of months everything seems ok.

When I signed up for Sky I was immediately given a start date and on that date everything changed over seamlessly.

I am on the unlimited package which has no restrictions and no throttling.

  Chronos the 2nd 19:33 06 Aug 2013

I am with Be and they too have been taken over by Sky. I have enjoyed 10+mb speed wit no throttling for £10.20 for the last couple of years or so. Whether there will be any changes in the future remains to be seen. Sky is one company I would prefer not to do business with but I will see what happens when the change over is complete.

  Jollyjohn 19:42 06 Aug 2013

I have never had a problem with connection speed and I generally connect during the day as I work a night shift.
One feature of Plusnet is that between midnight and 8am any downloads do not count towards your monthly limit.

  exdragon 21:34 06 Aug 2013

I was with o2 and also didn't wish to move to Sky so I picked Plusnet. No problems so far, the advisers (in my experience) are polite, deal with questions rather than reading from a script, one spotted that I'd been overcharged and refunded it immediately, and they also refunded the charge for call waiting as it hadn't been activated the day it should have been (one day later).

I realise this doesn't comment much on the technical bits but sometimes the way queries are dealt with can be useful. I don't have the need for superfast download speeds.

As usual, on the Plusnet forum, there are horrendous stories as well as good experiences, but then I guess that happens for every ISP!

  shellship 09:48 08 Aug 2013

Thanks all. I'll have a chat with Plusnet first.

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