broadband causing phoneline crackle???

  Superstylin 20:51 16 Sep 2004

hi there, i'm not even sure if this is a topic for this forum but i'm giving it a go!
i recently had wanadoo 512k broadband activated. since that time it's been noticed that the phone line had a crackle to it. it wasn't too bad initially but today it's increased so much so that it seems to be disabling my bb connection as well as making it unable to make or receive phone calls.
BT have been no help. they did a line check and said it's fine then told me to remove all accessories, sky, internet, phone extensions and just try my handset. Even with an alternative handset there was noise. their last great idea was to just 'leave it a day and see if it sorts itself out'!
anyone else had this problem?! and if so, how did u fix it?!

  stalion 20:57 16 Sep 2004

you have filters I presume?

  xania 20:58 16 Sep 2004

If yopu still have that cackle with all devices removed, it could be yoiur phone or it could be your point. Try a different phone in a differnt socket. If that clears the problem, isolate which is causing the problem. If is dosen't, then get back to BT and tell how you've tested the line and the result - they've got the problem and they need to send am engineer to sort it out.

  Superstylin 21:00 16 Sep 2004

yep i only have one outlet at which i have a microfilter and just incase i tried one on the phone extension too. this crackle still remains even when everything but the one phone handset is plugged in.

  Superstylin 21:03 16 Sep 2004

i tried a different handset but still noise, and i only have one socket so that's all i'm left with really, the thought that it could be the socket. i guess i am gonna have to get them to send an engineer round. i was just hoping that someone might have a quick fix :D cheers for your help x

  Paranoid Android 21:03 16 Sep 2004

It's most likely another device causing the interference, or else a poor connection at an adapter. You need to go back to the master socket and fault-find from there with a good phone and nothing else connected. If you get crackling with that, try another phone. If it still does it you need a telecoms engineer.


  Graham ® 21:05 16 Sep 2004

Dial 151 to do a line test. If that is clear, follow the prompts to raise a fault 'noisy'.

  Widows Son 21:05 16 Sep 2004

Have you installed any new phone points for your Broadband connection? If so they're worth a check. Failing that disconnect everything except one phone (which you are sure is problem free) plugged into the main socket. If there is still crackle it's down to BT

  Widows Son 21:07 16 Sep 2004

can type faster than me :)

  Superstylin 21:18 16 Sep 2004

crikey i didn't expect anyone would even reply to this! so yeah i took it back to the main socket tried 2 handsets and still the crackle. @ Graham the noise on the line is far too loud to even hear the tone of the numbers i'm dialling never mind organise a line test lol i think BT are gonna have to send someone out. thanks again for your help, i guess i'll have to grudgingly 'resolve' this!

  Graham ® 21:24 16 Sep 2004

You have only one socket and it is noisy. I repeat, it is a BT fault. There is nothing you can do until BT repair the fault, which they will do quickly once you raise a fault.

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