Broadband cant even see exchange.

  Ripsaw 12:12 11 Aug 2005

This should be an interesting one, but I reckon it might take someone with some brains to figure out.

My area has just become broadband enabled, so I signed up, recieved my modem, got enabled, but cannot connect. I tried on all the extensions, and on the master socket, but it wouldnt connect. Finally I removed the front panel of the NTE5 (the split box where the phone line comes into your house) and plugged straight into the line, and it worked.

So I set about checking all the extension wiring, and all appears to be fine. The only thing im not sure whether would make a difference or not is I have a second line installed, but instead of giving me a totally seperate line they just used the unused few wires from the telephone cable comming into the house already, in effect splitting the cable to give two lines.

Im kind of at a loss, any ideas would be amazing. And just as additional information and just so nobody asks the really dumb question, yes I am using filters throughout the house.

Hope to get a reply soon.

  recap 13:19 11 Aug 2005

With them splitting the line in two this might have reduced the signal strength. I would ask them to check the internal wiring.

  Ripsaw 13:21 11 Aug 2005

If it was BT's fault then by splitting the line do you think I wouldnt have to pay, seen as it was there mistake? Thanks

  recap 15:11 11 Aug 2005

IF it is BT's fault then I think they should rectify it without charge.

  Minkey1 15:29 12 Aug 2005

I think the issue could well be with your second line. Pre BT's broadband, I was on dial up with them and had them install a second line to maintain phone useage whilst surfing. The house was brand new and like you, they simply used spare wires within the cable to provide a second line. Anyway, the point is, they said BB would not work in properties with a second line so had to remove it before installing BB.

With BB of course the one line is split between voice and data so removing the need for a second line and enabling simultaneous use - although some people might have say a business need for a totally separate line ? This could be achieved with a new separate line with a different number to another box in the house, tho I imagine would be costly and/or impractical.


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