Broadband cabling

  User-0FEE6D55-A754-4DE8-88A25EF704A621F4 15:06 12 Sep 2003

I'm new to broadband and wondered whether there is an degradation in the ability to upload and download by having the modem some way from the BT box.

I currently have various extensions (due to location)and wondered whether this was affecting broadband in anyway.

I still get a 589 kbps speed on connection

appreciate any advice on the matter

  The Sack 15:11 12 Sep 2003

it makes no difference, the signal has probably already gone several KM so another few feet isnt going to make any difference if all the connection points a electricaly sound.

BTW presuming you are not on a 1Mb connection you cant connect at 589kbs on a 512kbs connection.

For your real speed click here

  -pops- 15:12 12 Sep 2003

"I still get a 589 kbps speed on connection"

Is that a real speed or what the thing in the sys tray tells you?

click here and do an actual speed test.

  The Sack 15:17 12 Sep 2003

even including overheads the maximum theoretical connection speed is 576kbs for a half megabit connection isnt it?

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