broadband cable is too short

  irate 16:25 01 Mar 2005

just recieved package , it says you have to connect the cable to the direct line in the wall and not to an extension. the problem is ive got an office outside of the house with no phone line so im running on an extension. the extension is about 60 feet long is it possible to get a broadband cable that long

any help would be grateful

  Yoda Knight 16:27 01 Mar 2005

that advice is so as to rule out problems with noise on the line - try it with ur extension anyway and see if it works :)

  Diemmess 16:55 01 Mar 2005

Two BB installations, neither close enough to use the supplied cable. I bought a 7 meter cable and laboriously threaded it under floors and down walls, to avoid using an extension......... My son, more laid back than I am simply used the nearest BT socket and the supplied cable.

We live 4 mls. apart on the same exchange and both systems work fine......... This proves nothing except to repeat Yoda Knight's advice -Try it!

  Cesar 09:41 03 Mar 2005

I have been running BB on an extension for the last 12 months without any problems.

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