Broadband cable connection question

  [DELETED] 20:32 08 Sep 2003

I know this might sound a bit daft, but I'm new to broadband (hope to get the kit in the post tomorrow)

Will it cause a problem if each time i finish a session i remove the telephone BT plug from the splitter.? so that I can please her indoors by not having 15m of cable all over the place.
(distance between pc and phone socket)

I have my PC someway from the phone socket (yes i know I need to get a extension box nearer) - but her indoors complains about having the cables everywhere.

This hasn't been a problem with a dial up connection. appreciate your advice

  [DELETED] 20:36 08 Sep 2003

That should work fine. Also, when you do connect you should only have to wait a few seconds before a connection is established so you really don't lose much by staying unconnected when you're notusing the connection

  graham√ 20:43 08 Sep 2003

As above, unplugging the BB modem should not be a problem. Just give it time to synch (light stops flashing) before logging on.

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