Broadband - better than sex

  Wuggy 22:38 31 Aug 2005

After much heart searching and worry about my self installed telephone cables I have just logged on for the first time with Wanadoo 2 Mbps broadband.
To see large multi-megabyte files download in literally a few seconds, watch web pages appear immediately without the usual 30 second wait is quite unbelievable. As I say it's better than sex although not quite as fast.
If anyone is holding off making the move - do it today!. It doesn't cost a penny more, and the spare time you will have will allow you to carry out all the virus and spyware checks, the checkdisks amd defrags that you always meant to do but never quite got round to.

  dan11 22:56 31 Aug 2005

Most definitely not.

and the wife agree's.

  Wuggy 22:58 31 Aug 2005

Things will change. Even computers need some lovin'.

  flix 22:58 31 Aug 2005

Just a note about Wanadoo and you saying "it doesn't cost a penny more for 2mbps broadband" well funny enough it does if you are already a customer of theirs! A one off £20 administration fee is to be paid if you want to uprate your existing package!

  VoG II 22:59 31 Aug 2005

Sex with who?

  dan11 23:04 31 Aug 2005

38 years with the same lass.

Laptop or lass?

No contest.0))

  Wuggy 23:36 31 Aug 2005

Dan 11 -I knew a man who was once 38 weeks with the same laptop - but that's love for you.
Vog - the answer would seem to be Any one.
Flix - no upgrade fee if you were on dial up but I did use a bit of poetic licence as it's actually £3 a month dearer. But I did sign up recently for the BT Privacy option and as a result save £1.75 for my caller display.....and BT haven't phoned me since.

  Forum Editor 00:38 01 Sep 2005

for resisting the obvious temptations here.

  CurlyWhirly 18:20 01 Sep 2005

Wuggy - I agree with you that broadband rocks and the novelty *hasn't* worn off after 3 years of using it.

I *won't* comment on the other part of your thread! ;0)

  Pooke 18:24 01 Sep 2005

With the missus looking over my shoulder I'll refrain from commenting incase I get slapped....

Doh, too late! "Ouch, what did I say?"


  Stuartli 18:51 01 Sep 2005

>>As I say it's better than sex although not quite as fast.>>

Blimey - even with 2MP.....:-)

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