Broadband attenuation, guidance please

  johnem 20:18 01 Jan 2007

Evening all,Happy New Year.
I am currently running Win XP Pro Sp2 and a Netgear DG834PN router hooked up to a nominal 1Mb broadband.
I have been having a few connection problems recently and have contacted the ISP, UKOnline, who appear to have resolved the problems for the time being. They casually mentioned tyhat the line attenuation appeared to be high, but did not offer a solution. I seem to recall mention of attenuation of previous threads, but would appreciate some interpretation of the following data:
Downstream Upatream
Connection speed 1152kbps 288kbps
Line attenuation 56.0db 31.5db
Noise margin 13.1db 27.0db

Is there a guide as to what would be acceptable and how do I go about getting any improvements, if required.
My current b/b connection is plugged into a hardwired extension which is about 15 metres from the BT incoming wallbox.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Gongoozler 20:39 01 Jan 2007

I think this page gives the information you are looking for. click here

  johnem 21:08 01 Jan 2007

Thanks for that, have had a quick look but it obviously requires some carefull indepth reading.

  Dipso 23:44 01 Jan 2007

Attenuation is usually to do with your distance from the telephone exchange and therefore not something you can improve on. The lower the better, 56 is classed as pretty high.

The best connection you can get is from the master socket. As your router is wireless, ideally if you can move the router to the master socket and connect wirelessly that should give you the best connection your line is capable of.

If this isn't practical you could consider connecting the router at the master and running a Cat5 network cable to the PC which should give the same result.

Otherwise as Kitz recommends you can check your internal extension wiring for any unnesessary wires, only wires 2 and 5 need to be connected at both the master and extension end, the others aren't needed and can be a source of interference. Removing them can often see an increase in your noise margin which should make your line more stable.

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