Is Broadband the answer to Dialers?

  Uncle Den 17:42 14 Jul 2003

Somebody told me that when you use Broadband it is impoosible for a dialer to connect with a PC.

Somebody else said this is NOT so and Broadband Modems work in the same way as ordinary modems in respect of such things as dialers.

Somebody else told me that if an ISP supports ADSL Routers (Async Digital Subscriber Line) that dialers can't connect to it.

AOL told me they do not suppoprt ADSL Routers but dialers can't work on their system anyway - but another AOL technical support agent said AOL Broadband can't stop dialers!

Will somebody (who really knows for absolute certain) be kind enough to tell us which advice is accurate?

I've written to Microsoft suggesting they use their great skills to devise something to toally protect us from dialers - or make a programme that will reverse the charges so that the dialer muggers pay credits into our telephone accounts!

These days, so many innocent sites are being hijacked by porn merchants (with dialers) that even when thinking you are opening an inoccuous site you may still find yourself trapped.

BT can put a block on Premium lines but the dialers are well aware of this and usually send you to an ordinary line from where the call is transferred to a premium line.

You'd think somebody would do something about this daylight robbery, wouldn't you.

  -pops- 17:47 14 Jul 2003

Broadband is a digital system so analogue phone dialers will not function through it. The device on broadband called a modem is not in fact a modem in the same way as an analogue system is a modem.

Be careful if you still have an analogue modem attached to you machine though (in case you use it for faxing or emergencies) as I would think that a dialer could download through broadband and then use your analogue modem to dial out.


  -pops- 17:48 14 Jul 2003

You can protect yourself from dialers by downloading SpywareBlaster click here

  graham√ 17:59 14 Jul 2003

If a call is 'sent' to an ordinary line and then transferred to a premium line, the 'owner' of the ordinary line would be billed for the transferred call.

In the same way, if you dial a UK mobile number and the phone is abroad, the mobile owner pays the additional charge. Not a lot of people know that!

  Uncle Den 18:15 14 Jul 2003

To Pops who confirms some advice I've already had from a very highly qualified expert.

However, Pops, you may like to know that Spywareblaster (which I have installed - together with MRU-blaster and Ad-aware) can't guarantee to stop all dialers - although it will stop many. New ones come out all the time and although Javacool do their best to keep up with them, there may be a gap between a new one coming out and the update for it.

Sorry to question you Graham but it was BT who told me about the devious call transfer method. You may be right - but sad experience, since I had my Premioum lines blocked by BT, makes me doubt your theory.

I'd very much like to hear from anybody who HAS been caught by a dialer since they started using Broadband - especially AOL subscribers - the real proof of the pudding, perhaps.

Thank you all.

  -pops- 18:43 14 Jul 2003

Well, I've had broadband for 2 years and all that time I've had an analogue modem operating for Fax use. I have also had SpywareBlaster, Spyware guard, Ad-aware, AVG, Outpost firewall and Startpage guard. I have never been infected or affected by anything untoward but then, I don't visit dodgy websites or use KaZaa or its clones.

Can you explain to me why you posted this thread? It starts by giving the impression that you need advice but proceeds in a later post to reveal that you know more about this than the respondants.

  spikeychris 18:56 14 Jul 2003

Can't see anything wrong in the posts from Uncle Den.

  so3003 19:03 14 Jul 2003

Well diallers can't "dial" through a cable modem - but if you still have an analogue modem connected to your machine (and I'd imagine almost everyone with broadband does), there's absolutely nothing stopping diallers from working. In fact, they may even be more likely to work, since you won't have browsing interruption when your ISP connection changes to the dialler.

With regards to premium rate calls, basically you cannot be billed for anything other than the number you have called. But be aware "premium rate" isn't necessarily 090 numbers, this can also be 0871 / 0844 and various other numbers too.

  -pops- 19:04 14 Jul 2003

No, nothing wrong with them, chris, its the way they are phrased. I'm quite happy to pass on what I know about this, as I have done.


  Jester2K II 19:51 14 Jul 2003

Diallers can only work where there is a telephone line. ie Dial Up Networking.

Then you have two types of broadband.

ADSL which uses phone lines. But i understand that diallers cannot dial out on these lines.

Cable Broadband which definitely can't have a dialler dialling out (its not a phone line at all)

  Uncle Den 21:21 14 Jul 2003

Dear old pops, obviously you haven't had the experience of innocently going into a hijacked website or a misleadingly titled one, to find it's not what you thought it was. Jess (an artist) and I (a photographer) like looking at beautiful pictures of scenery, mountains, lakes, nature's wildlife and flora and that sort of thing. Webshots is a great program for this but we like to explore others as well.

Putting "Photos Galleries Pictures Art" in the address box to see what turns up, has given us much pleasure. However, the other evening we found a site called "untitled" that offered photographs and galleries, so we clicked it open to see what was there - unfortunately just a dour face stared at us - no galleries, no photographs - and then we sensed we'd been trapped into a dialer. Need I say more?

The way I phrase things is because I have been investigating various (often conflicting) sources before coming here for help. I was only guilty of quoting some snippets of the advice I'd been given in the hope that it may be helpful to others. I'm sorry if this gave the impression that I knew more than I did. In fact, I am very much an Internet beginner - or I wouldn't need this most valuable forum, would I.

Thanks for your arbitration, SpikeyChris! Nice to know that someone understands enough to give the benefit of any doubt.

Thanks too, So3003 - you tend to confirm what my knowledgeable friend thought was probably the case about Broadband and dialers. Fellow forum members should note what you said about the less obvious premium numbers.

Jester2k II, would seem to add support to So3003 that Broadband (ADSL or Cable) is likely to save us all from financial ruin - especially OAP's like me and Jess. However, we don't get Broadband here until September - so maybe we'll take a break from surfing and go on holiday until then!

I'd still very much like to hear from anybody (if there is asuch a person) who HAS been using Broadband and has still been caught by a diabolical mugging dialer.

Again, thanks to all, including Pops - even if he gives the impression of being a teeny-weeny bit sanctimonious.


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