Broadband Advice - Again!

  GroupFC 15:35 11 Mar 2005

I know that this has been covered considerably in this forum but nevertheless here goes. I have decided that it is time to ditch dial up, bit the bullet, and get broadband!

However, I need some advice. My current ISP is Supanet (on PAYG) and the telephone bills are now at the stage where it just about makes sense to switch (before you even consider the question of speed!).

I am having trouble deciding whom to go with for Broadband. Do I stick with Supanet (although I see that their support line costs 50p per minute!) or look for a different supplier. I am (obviously) looking to spend as little as possible, in terms of both set-up and on-going costs.

I have looked at click here and narrowed it down to between Supanet, BT, Freedom2surf and Pipex. I am leaning towards the Pipex solo1000 package at £23.44 per month, but would be grateful for any comments and advice.

I have couple of technical(ish) questions:-

1. With broadband do you need microfilters on every extension in the house, even those not in use?

2. My PC is currently in the spare room and I plug the modem (via a (approx.) 10m extension cable) into the extension socket in the main bedroom (the spare room doesn’t have a phone socket). Will this set-up still be possible with Broadband or do I need to get an extension into the spare room?

3. On the Pipex website FAQ’s it says that “The ADSL Router or Modem must be less than 30 (cable) metres from your existing PSTN master socket”. What does that mean?

Any and all comments/advice will be very much appreciated.

  GroupFC 16:16 11 Mar 2005

Anybody any comments?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:24 11 Mar 2005

Ask any of your near neighbours who they use and if they are happy. BB varies from area to area.

1) If the extension has no phone in it you do not need a micro-filter. On used extensions you do. They can be bought from Ebuyer etc for a pound or so each.

2) The 10m cabke will be no problem, i have seen longer cables used.

3) A master socket is classed as any hard wired socket as opposed to an extension. You will be OK.

Personally I would go for Wanadoo or Tiscali but it will be better if you ask your neighbours however, apart ftom sat. and cable, ALL BB goes through BT..

  GroupFC 16:43 11 Mar 2005

Thank you - looks like I better get the neighbours in for a glass or two!

  anchor 16:44 11 Mar 2005

Hello GroupFC

I have been with Pipex for about 3 years; no complaints at all. Only 1 outrage in all that time. Just upgraded from Solo 500 to Solo 1000 at the same monthly rate, (£23.44/month incl:VAT).

Local rate phone support.

  genuinefake 16:47 11 Mar 2005

i have also just joined Pipex and so far no problems...

  GroupFC 16:59 11 Mar 2005

Nice to hear from you again!

Looks like it might be Pipex then!

  [email protected] 18:06 11 Mar 2005

Very happy with Pipex- in process of upgrading from 512 to 2000 connection (capped at 5GB a month) for £23.44
Excellent e-mail support under normal conditions.
easy to set up and my Dad has just joined too!

  GroupFC 22:23 23 Mar 2005

Just to let you know that I am over the moon! I have just set it all up and it is blisteringly fast (compared to what I was used to on dial up, anyway!).

One question the little screens in the system tray show a speed of 2.2Mbps - is that what I should be getting with this service? (I never was any good Kb Mb and all that stuff!).

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