Ricky007 20:50 05 Jun 2003

I am looking to get broadband but i do not know much information about it. I would like to know all the prices from all the different companies, basically i want to know more information about broadband. Can anyone help me out and give me a website that i can go onto to find information. Thank you!!!

  The Spires 20:57 05 Jun 2003

One of the best sites there is for Broadband click here also here click here

  BillEmm 00:11 06 Jun 2003

Also here:

click here

  RedheadVenus 00:14 06 Jun 2003

I cannot recommend it highly enough - so much faster you will not believe it. Try AOL - I've not had any problems at all and it is always good to have a big business to deal with just in case anything does go wrong. £27.00 a month - others may be cheaper but I found there were always drawbacks like they will only take a payment from your credit card and then you have real problems stopping them, or they only have one dial-up number - like I said AOL is huge, and they couldn't be more helpful and friendly.

  hugh-265156 00:18 06 Jun 2003

ntl`s good,600k £24.99 mth free install and modem 12mth contract

  expertec 09:28 06 Jun 2003

If you in a Telewest or NTL area go for them

  MartinT-B 09:50 06 Jun 2003


if you can avoid it don't use AOL.

It's a nanny progam that takes over your PC. Sure it has benefits, which for beginners are a boon. They take you by the hand and lead you through the set-up of mail, messaging, internet access, and blocking some sites because of content.


They never let go. You HAVE to use AOL for everything and it isn't the best. Not by a long shot.

They are part of AOL/TimeWarner a MASSIVE company that are now incurring heavy losses because they expanded too far too fast.

You're much better off choosing your own mail client (program), Internet browser and messaging service.

2 reasons.

1 control

2 you actually learn more about what is happening in your PC and how it works and you are more often than not able to fix just that part.

Just try fixing 1 part of AOL!

  Andybear 11:24 06 Jun 2003

I'm in the process of switching to NLT broadband from dial up - the guy's coming next Monday to set it up. As well as free install, they're currently offering the first month free. To get more information their URL is click here

  Andybear 11:28 06 Jun 2003

Oops, sorry - that should read NTL not NLT.

  BLB 11:31 06 Jun 2003

Rcently got NTL Broadband-absoloutely great-its fast enough for anybody.

  Xevious 11:35 06 Jun 2003

just gone from dialup to blueyonder. WOW. free install, very efficient engineers, great support, great speed. no complaints downloading 1MB in 15.5secs... £24.99 per month if you have another service with them. i had a phone line carried over from BT, absolutely no complaints, and now there's no looking back!!!

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