Broadband 512k upload?

  Gaz 25 19:03 12 Nov 2004

Is there any, relativly ( as in below £80 per month) broadband connection that offers 512k upload speed?

I am using 5Mb broadband, but I only have 128k upload.


  Taran 20:30 12 Nov 2004

I haven't a clue I'm afraid, but for domestic and most small business use I'm a bit stumped over why you'd want it to begin with.

Unless you live next door or on top of a tier one provider I doubt you'll find what you're looking for, although I'm more than happy to find that I'm wrong.

I'm sure you understand the way in which DSL works, which more or less governs what you get down in relation to what you can send up the same pipe.

You'd need to be bordering around or above at least half of your current download speed to get an option of 512 upload. Most providers, as you've probably found, offer ever increasing amounts of download bandwidth without increasing your available upload. Those who do offer high upload speeds do so at a comparatively high price.

Frankly, unless you are running a dedicated and quite busy web or email server (or both) I can't see why you'd even want such bandwidth.

Good luck with it anyway.


  Gaz 25 20:39 12 Nov 2004

Yes. My website which is now all run from a home webserver. I realise the security issues, but it is very secure and so far has been safe after some recent changes to the security on it.

However, if someone download from my webserver a file, it shows download rate at 30Kbps - as though it's capped.

I have tested this in a corporate network with a simalar connection to me, and also many friends who are running 512 or 1Mb broadband normally get 100Kbps, but only 30kbps on my website.

I wish for at least 50Kbps, but I assume my upload speed is the limiting factor here.

Over the LAN the webserver chucks out 51Mbp/s as it is a gigabit lan, and via a router with a switch in between. Therefore I assume my connection is the problem.

Gaz 25

  Taran 21:25 12 Nov 2004

Your connection could be a problem, but I imagine that any one of the varous other possible bottlenecks in the web will be causing issues.

Downloads are normally governed by the available download bandwidth at the point where a file is requested. I'm sure you know of traceroute and how if you request a web address five or ten times, each request will be delivered by a different route, using alternative hops. This is how web transfers work and without getting tinto a lot of boring detail there are lots of possible reasons why slower than desired downloads may be happening.

There could be a throttle built into your account by the provider (many do this) or there may simply be a lot of DSL users logged in and using their systems when your guests ar requesting files.

If every single download is capped at 30kbps thent his points to something at your end, rather than anywhere else.

I'm not sure how much you pay for your broadband (not my business really) but this is just another area where you could save money and provide a more efficient service by getting your site hosted with a dedicated web host.

You've had some pretty serious security incidents hosting your own site and, to be honest, that coupled with your performance issues suggest to me that under a hundred pounds per year on a good hosting package would be far more beneficial than a sub-80 pounds per month broadband feed with an avialable faster upload speed.

You do understand that DSL speeds are theoretical ?

You may well attain the maximum quoted speeds on a regular basis for downloading, but they are not ever guaranteed speeds and rely on a great many factors to perform well, not least is the contention ratio of your service coupled with how many of its users are all requesting large file downloads concurrently and, well, you get the picture ?

It's not what you want to hear, but the best advice I can offer is to ditch the idea of almost £1000 per year for broadband, drop to a more reasonable standard ADSL connection for £20 - £30 per month, and pay around £100 per year for a well specified hosting account. Nothing else makes comparative sense from a financial, security and service provision perspective. Even a decent reseller account for multiple websites only starts at around £300 yearly from a very good provider.

I see nothing to persuade me that you need anything other than standard broadband and a good web host.

  Gaz 25 22:45 12 Nov 2004

Thanks for that very long and informative post.

The reason behind it, is simply I am doing a networking course and servers are one of the things covered, and because it's CCIE level it requires a lot of understanding in this area thus the reason for messing with my own server.

I don't exactly know why the 30Kb/s is the maximum every time, on every connection I try it on.

It seems that my ISP cap's it upload speed, because the same issues occur if I use a different server running linux and a direct connection to the internet, even cutting out the router doesn't help. Thats the reason for thinking it's my ISP.

My ISP are not against the running of servers, but to be honest I think they limit you by adding caps on uploads.

Funny, on the FTP everyone gets 56Kb/s from the server, it's just port 80 traffic, and port 81-82 and 8080/8081 are blocked by the ISP because of backdoors, proxies and trojans.

The problem with server's hosted by hosting companies, is you have no control at root level unless you buy dedicated service and even then if you do something you shouldn't have - then you would have to pay to have it repaired. Therefore again for running my own server. I guess I could run it local only, as an Intranet, but what about people who need to test web applications or scripts.

I realise the security issues I have had, and infact as you say one of them has been serious. However it is now highly secure, obviously it is possible for someone to still hack it, just as they can hack NASA if they wish.

Anyway, as far as I know.... it hasn't been hacked yet and nothing has changed or been modified in anyway.

Thanks for your help anyway and I will consider a decent hosting package.


  ste_bla 20:11 13 Nov 2004

i doubt you will find it at under 80 a month as you would need SDSL and that starts at 100/month

  Sir Radfordin 00:05 14 Nov 2004

If you need to host a website for something other than the course you are doing why not just buy some managed space for that purpose and then stick with ADSL at £25ish a month for the server. You will still have the freedom you need without the problems being presented to visitors to your site.

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