Broadband 512k speed

  rmt 22:14 22 Nov 2003

Having just installed broadband with Pipex, I was initially disappointed at the apparant slow speed when looking at websites in general, they seemed to download at the same speed as 56k. I thought it would be significantly (and notably), quicker when looking at websites. Are there any sites that will check my connection speed ?

  powerless 22:18 22 Nov 2003

Clear out the temp files for IE, Tools, Internet Options..., Delete Files and run a defrag.

Also reduce the cache Tools, Internet Options..., Settings, Move the slider to say 5MB.

The speed of websites do vary depending upon how many people are accessing a site at any one time. So its not always you...

You'll only see a really difference in page loading when a page is heavy on images, flash...

click here for speed test.

  andrew-216448 22:19 22 Nov 2003

go to click here, look for pc pitstop. they can do different test with ur connection. i have pipex for my broadband and i am getting between 440 to 480 kbps. try it.

  johnnyrocker 22:19 22 Nov 2003

go to click here they have an on line speed test coupled with an autofix for slow speeds.


  rmt 20:44 24 Nov 2003

the speed is coming back at an average of 450kbps, so it seems ok, but I thought most pages would load almost instantly (depending on size) even google takes around 3 seconds

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:14 24 Nov 2003

Broadband makes little or no difference to fetching pages from a server, however it will load a page that has huuuge graphics and animations much quicker, once it has found the address. It will also down and upload files quicker but at nowhere near 512k. If you are just doing 'normal' surfing then BB is a debatable service that can be grossly over-hyped. However if you have an 8Mb pipe................

  noddy 1 22:17 24 Nov 2003

Hi, Speed tests plus lots of other info here

click here

click here

  rmt 20:57 25 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone for your help.

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