carnoustiejim 12:34 14 Feb 2010

hi just did a test heres the results
ping 57+ = d/l 5948kbps = u/l 480kbps
can you explain these results in layman terms as i dont know if there average or what
i have 8gb d/l using talktalk
thanks for any help kirriejim

  bremner 12:45 14 Feb 2010

That seems pretty good to me.

On your upto 8Mb broadband youhave a download sepped of 5.95 Mb and an upload speed of 0.48Mb.

  Pineman100 12:48 14 Feb 2010

A lot of us would be delighted to get speeds like that!

  carnoustiejim 13:19 14 Feb 2010

thanks for replies kirriejim

  Sea Urchin 13:42 14 Feb 2010

TalkTalk's speeds have improved for me recently - on my "up to 8Mb" current readings are:

Download 7038kbps
Upload 644kbps

  Andsome 14:00 14 Feb 2010

I recommend anyone who has cable in their area to sign up. I pay for 10MB download and NEVER get less than well over 9.

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