broadband 1M is it worth it?

  1973scotty 11:25 15 Apr 2004

hi my area has just been upgraded to broadband can anyone please advise me which is the best isp for broadband and is the 1M worth the extra cost please.

  anon1 12:36 15 Apr 2004

Many thing to consider, why do you want broadband? If you intened to use it for games then maybe 1mb would be best. If you want to download stuff then be aware that some isp's will cap the download limit and that can be reached very quickly on 1mb. If you purely want high speed internet then 512 will be fine for general use. The other thing to consider is that the more users there are in your area the less speed you will get (relatively speaking) as there is a contention rate click here Hope that helps you

  Gongoozler 12:40 15 Apr 2004

Hi 1973scotty. No-one can really tell you which is the best ISP. You really need to make your own decision based on good information, and I think the best source of information is the reviews at ADSL Guide click here. If you want to get massive downloads or view movie clips, then I think 1M could be worth the extra cost, but a lot of site servers are much slower, and so you will not benefit on those. Many sites can't even keep up with my 150K "broadband" connection.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 12:41 15 Apr 2004

A 1 megatbyte line would not make that much difference in relation to gaming (as mentioned click here) - the main advantage is faster download speeds.

I'd say that 512 would be just fine.

For Info on ISPs, etc - click here

  byfordr 13:10 15 Apr 2004

click here £27.50 1mb £37.50 2mb. Well worth checking out asdlguide as well... I was startled to find just how slow 512kb seems compared to 1mb or 2mb.


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