Broadband 1gb monthly allowance

  hssutton 00:14 21 May 2004

I have been looking at the various broadband packages available. My ISP has a cheap £14.99 package of 1Gb monthly allowance, but I am unable to relate this to my internet usage. The question is what could one do with a 1Gb allowance, is it worth while?

  Smegs 00:28 21 May 2004

I think thats only for downloads. If you do a lot of downloading, then it's not worth it. There are download meters to download to monitor your downloads. Do a Google seach for them.

  Djohn 00:33 21 May 2004

I think Smegs is correct on the download bit but remember e-mail and attachments will come into this as well. I'm not sure but think general surfing is not counted. j.

  Smegs 00:34 21 May 2004

Djohn, I'm glad you put that in. I never even thought of the Emails.

  hssutton 00:41 21 May 2004

Thanks guys. I can relate to the download part, as I don't do a great deal this would not be a problem. However I do a great deal of uploading to photographic forums and my online albums, so if the 1Gb does not come into this part of the equation and I can browse at will this package may be satisfactory.

  Djohn 00:53 21 May 2004

Not sure again about this but have a feeling that uploading may also come into your allowance as you are using bandwidth. Best to give the ISP your thinking of a quick phone call to customer service and double check.

  hugh-265156 00:55 21 May 2004

who is the isp?

most isp`s have a 1 gig limit cap per DAY not per month.

isp review is a good site for finding out info click here

check the upload speeds for the isp as most have a lower upload speed than download.for example im with NTL on the 600k service at £24.99 mth and although my download speed is good at 600k my upload is only 128k,not good if i was uploading a lot of stuff to a website etc.

  hssutton 09:00 21 May 2004

Huggy71 the ISP is Plusnet and this is their basic broadband package, guess I will go for the £24,99 package which is similar NTLs.

Thanks for all the help

  TBH1 12:18 21 May 2004

I think every thing will count towards the 1gb; emails, surfing, uploading, downloading - - -wanadoo have a chart out right now which gives you an approximation what you can do, thier limited account is 2gb and it lists what you can do for that

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