sootey 17:24 07 Mar 2005

I am on Tiscali broadband at the moment and would like to change to Wannadoo as it is cheaper I am told I will have to finish with tiscali and wait for 10 days for the Modem
Can I use my present ADSL modem as a dial up in the meantime or do I have to wait?


  Jeffers22 17:30 07 Mar 2005

Best way to do it is to do a transfer. Contact Tiscali and ask them for the MAC number.

Once you have it, contact Wannado and tell them you want to transfer to them from Tiscali. They will ask for the Tiscali MAC Number. Give it to them and they'll do the transfer with no new activation charge (I think) and you should not be off line for more than a few hours at most.

ADSL modems cannot be used for dial up.

Continue to use your existing modem, do not use the Wannado provided USB modem. They will give you the new settings to put into it.

  Jeffers22 17:32 07 Mar 2005

Further thought. If it is cheaper you are after and you are not into music or movie dowloads, take a look at Metronet click here They have a 1 Mbit service for just over a tenner a month with a 3Gb cap. You won't get anywhere near that with just browsing and email and the occasional download.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:43 07 Mar 2005

The BB will not work with normal dial up

The BB modem should work ok its just dial up settings that need to be changed for wannado.

the 10 day wait is for BT to activate the line.

You need a username and password from Wannado

something like [email protected]@fs and your password.

go into internet options -connections -settings - dialup settings. instead of what you have now for tiscali

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