Henmin 19:02 24 Feb 2005

Hi There,

I'm lost for choice. At present I'm with AOL Dial-up. I wish to change to BB. NTL BB has just arrived in my area. They are relatively cheaper. They have promised me £15.99 for 300kb. In march this will be upgraded to 1Mb. I do have a Package with NTL for Telephone & Television, hence I'm getting NTL BB for £2 cheaper.

AOL BB is £17.99 of course, now for 512Kb but I'll be tied up with them for 12 months.

Please, can all you kind folks out there who are hooked up to AOL BB or NTL BB give me your opinion.



  961 19:19 24 Feb 2005

Forgive me, but before you sign up to either of these, have you surveyed the reviews at click here

  FelixTCat 19:19 24 Feb 2005

Don't use either. I have used ntl cable and left because the service was dreadful. We also seem to have more problems with AOL here that anything else. There is an enormous number of broadband ISPs who give good sevice on ADSL.

I am very happy with pipex, but no doubt others will have their own recommendations.

If you only surf and check emails you can get some very cheap deals; but these severely limit how much you can do. Unlimited 512 Kbit ADSL is available for about £20 - £25 per month.

  Andybear 19:29 24 Feb 2005

I've had NTL BB for two years and, apart from the occasional glitch, have had no problems.

  Henmin 20:00 24 Feb 2005


Thanks for all your prompt repiles. Yes it's a hard choice to make but when we have this dedicated Forum of help it makes it very much easier.

I have tried quite a few Dial-up ISPs. I've stuck with AOL quite some time. I can't say I have never had problems but I've been a bit luckier than others. The worst has been the Spam mail - 52 in a single day - and Prono mail and the multi addresses on these emails with only AOL members addresses on it. I've spoken to AOL on several occassions. So far with AOL8 and now AOL9 it seems to have ceased. Quite a few of my friends and relatives in the USA and Canada who have been with AOL for a long time have now change to other ISPs.

I'll wait, search and see. I surf a lot and check emails.


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