Barmoor's Kid Sister 16:54 04 Sep 2004

Can anyone advise me. I have been told by one friend that broadband can only be plugged into the master phone socket. However, my niece has BT Broadband and say this is not the case for her.
If I was to go with Wanadoo, would I have to go into the master or can I just go into a normal extention socket?
Please advise before I part with my money.

  Old Shep 16:56 04 Sep 2004

Mine's in an extension socket - no problems and excellent speed. You need a filter in each phone socket though.

  Meshuga 20:31 04 Sep 2004

You can run BB via extensions but its better if you go direct into the master box via a doubler and take the phone extension off the doubler and, as Old Shep said, dont forget the filters.Meshuga.

  Graham ® 20:47 04 Sep 2004

Extension sockets are usually OK. However, from personal experience, I came across an instance where a long extension wouldn't allow BB to sync., although alright at the main socket.

I eventually solved the problem by modifying the wiring to make the extension the main socket.

  spuds 20:50 04 Sep 2004

Should work okay from an extention, but check how many extentions that you have with phones,fax machines etc installed, that could make a vast difference.

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