Broadband ??

  Petesilver 10:51 19 Aug 2004

I read on ceefax yesterday that BT are scrapping the 6km limit as from the 6th Sept,can anyone confirm this ??as i am just outside this and hopefully i will be able to get BB

  leo49 11:01 19 Aug 2004

From that excellent magazine PCPro website 18 August:

BT Wholesale is to remove the distance limit on 512Kbps ADSL connections and extend the range of 1Mbps services.

From 6 September, anyone connected to an ADSL-enabled exchange will be able to get broadband. Previously connections were limited to properties within 6km of the exchange when measured along the phone line.

At the same time, the range of 1Mbps services will grow from around to 4km to 6km, meaning that anyone who can currently get 512K will be able to upgrade. 2Mbps services will continue to be restricted to 4km.

Despite abolishing the 512K limit, BT says that a few properties may be so far from the exchange that it will simply not be able to provide a reliable service. In other cases, BT engineers may have to modify wiring at the property or update local cabling. This service will be free.

Trials in Milton Keynes, Fort William and Dingwall found that dropping the 512K limit would raise the average number of homes that could get broadband from 96 per cent of those connected to an enabled-exchange to 99.8 per cent.

Anyone who has previously been rejected, should re-apply for whichever ASDSL service they require once the limits have been changed. Service availability can be checked at click here.

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