dweeb 13:10 08 Nov 2003

I have two computers, one xp one 98 and want to install Broadband. Is it possible to use a USB modem, NOT the router, and just switch connections when necessary? All the isps are tellin me I need a router for both computers and the phone to be constantly connected, but all I
want is access via broadband for faster speeds and phone access and am looking for a solution to this set-up and a knowledge of what equipment I need if it's possible.

Anyone out there who can help, I'd be very appreciative,


  ? ???K??M? 13:30 08 Nov 2003

I think you will need a router to have both pcs connected at the same time,but if you only want 1 pc online at a time you wont but you will need 2 modems set up on both machines,but im quite knew to BB myself so some1 else may answer better.


  graham√ 13:33 08 Nov 2003

Set up the modem on both computers and simply plug it into the one you want to use.

  dweeb 13:39 08 Nov 2003

Thank you both,, you have helped me in knowing that at least it's possible lol, so I shall go ahead with signing up. Wish me luck please, I'm a dummo.

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