loopyloo 16:37 22 Oct 2003

I have NTL cable for my telephone and I wish to upgrade to Broadband. Most of the broadband suppliers require a BT line. Is there any others which I can use using a cable line besides NTL.

  Maverick81 16:41 22 Oct 2003

AOL AND NTL are the only people who will do Broadband on your NTL line.

Only alternative would be to switch to Telewest

Hope this helps


  mdshamilton 16:41 22 Oct 2003

See link:

click here

  Legolas 16:41 22 Oct 2003

NTL do BB I have the 600k very fast very good.
click here

  mdshamilton 16:42 22 Oct 2003

See link:

click here

  mdshamilton 16:47 22 Oct 2003

Patience is indeed a virtue...something I guess I need to work on...LOL.

It would be nice if the PCA administrator could explain what on earth is going on with the server speed, freezes etc...

  Pesala 16:55 22 Oct 2003

as I learnt in maths a few years ago. I noticed one gets problems when trying to access/post to a thread that is being posted to/accessed by someone else at the same time. Your first post has the same timestamp as the post made by Legolas, that may be why there seemed to be no response at first.

  mdshamilton 16:58 22 Oct 2003

I had wondered about that...but before I asked the Forum Moderator to delete my multiple posts I had 5 or 6 of the same posts here...

I like the new PCA site format, but reliability and speed does need some work - the PCA site administrator could communicate awareness of these problems a bit better too.

  Tim1964 23:24 22 Oct 2003

If you're in an NTL area you wont be able to have Telewest as there aren't enough customers to go round as it is. They certainly don't want to lay two fibre optic networks past the same houses as they are both as broke as each other.

Here's a loaded question

Why don't you want to use NTL for your BB?

  accord 06:20 23 Oct 2003

NTL use the BT telephone wires when you change to their service. They only lay cables when you have their TV package installed. The BB cable uses the same cable as TV, hence the option of connecting via cable modem or set top box.

So i would assume, from loopyloo's question, that he/she has only got NTL telephone and not NTL cable TV.

  BLB 10:16 23 Oct 2003

I have NTL telephone and BB by cable (no TV)and it works very well.

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