Broadabnd Speeds???

  pcdaley21 18:22 23 Feb 2007

I admit that i'm not the smartest lad in the world but am paying for 8meg broadband in London and just done a speed test and it says i'm only getting download speeds of 400kBit...
The quickest speed i've only downloaded something is about 100kBit!

There's a bot of a difference between 100kBit and 8mBit isn't there... Any suggestions as BT are being S**t on the phone.


  SANTOS7 18:26 23 Feb 2007

Speedtests are unreliable and to get some sort of average do it at diferent times of the day and use more than one programme,they will all probably say something diferent.
As for 8Meg you will probably find your service is "UP TO" 8meg you will never acheive that however due to all manner of things..

  25paul 18:32 23 Feb 2007

click here try this broadband speed tester. it seems very accurate to me. i'm on 10meg BB and i usually get 9.7 or 9.8 download speeds at most times of the day.

  pcdaley21 18:33 23 Feb 2007

Tried a few now and they're all saying nothing quicker than 5ookBit... I can understand that not everyone will get maximum speeds - but i'm left here not even getting speeds of 1mBit.

Any suggestions how to resolve this problem?

  chub_tor 19:19 23 Feb 2007

You're not getting muddled up with the different ways that Connection Speed (SyncSpeed) is measured as compared with Download (Transfer Speed) are you?

For example my Sync Speed is 6.2Mb/s while my Transfer Speed - the figure you see in the downloading box is often around 586Kb/sec which actually translates to a download speed of 4693kbps. One is measured in bits and the other in bytes - 8bits to a byte. Just a thought.

  Dipso 22:18 23 Feb 2007

As chub_tor says, confirm the results are as you say first, but if you can advise what connection speed your router/modem is showing or post the line stats from the router, that will give us a clue as to what sort of download speeds you should expect.

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