Broad Band Help in Reverse

  woodchip 10:36 02 Aug 2013

If you have Poor Broadband Connection speeds this may be of help, IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY.

This is not SPAM as most you know me. I came across it in a Caravan Mag

click here have no idea how much a Plan Costs, though it tells you the price of the unit


  spuds 11:12 02 Aug 2013

I am not sure if this is the same device that's been around for some time. If it is, then one of our local marina's became involved with the product, but all went quiet shortly after the introduction.

I tend to find, when talking about broadband, this website can be very useful click here

  Chronos the 2nd 11:17 02 Aug 2013

Useful site spuds.Cheers.

  wiz-king 11:21 02 Aug 2013

Gulp! - that cost more than my laptop and phone! I will manage without thank you.

  Nontek 12:24 02 Aug 2013


Interesting, thanks. I have emailed for information re Data Plan costs, I will show them here if/when received - not for myself as I have BT Infinity, but I have a friend in a very Rural area who might benefit, if affordable!

  Nontek 12:34 02 Aug 2013

The following is text from a very prompt email reply from BuzzNetworks ...

"There are various data plans available – the kind of SIM you would need would be the same type that are used in dongles i.e. 3G data SIM and so the majority of these kinds of plans would be fine.

We do also offer data plan from Buzz Connect – one of the most popular monthly plans is the 8Gb EE plan for £24.95 per month and would do an average of 7,000 emails, plus 80 browsing hours online, plus 256 downloaded 4 minute music tracks, plus 40 downloaded 4 minute video clips.

Monthly plans are most suited if you would be using the Hubba and data on a frequent basis, but if the application would be to use the unit e.g. while holidaying through certain times of the year, then a pay-as-you-go type SIM would be best suited so that the data remains on the SIM until next use rather than you being locked into a monthly contract."

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