Broad Band- Do I really need a disk!!

  spuds 11:59 12 Mar 2006

More of a matter of curiosity really, and I know that some of you learned people, will have the precise answer.

Just completed mass surgery and re-format on my computer, due to increasing problems.Made an attempt to reconnect my Thomson SpeedTouch 330 to Tiscali BB (used the SpeedTouch installation disk for the modem), and found that I was having problems making a connection going through other Windows procedures.Contacted Tiscali Technical support 0870 (terrible line and constant break-ins via a Chinese speaking person?)and after explaining the situation,I was placed on hold a number of times, with the increasing same question asking session on returns.

Eventually I was informed that I would need the original Tiscali installation disk, and due to the fact that I didn't have this, they would sent me a new one, which would take 3 to 5 days to receive. Is this the normal procedure, because I had another 'play-around', and made the connection, hence here today.

Was Tiscali support being supportive or obstructive!. Want to get my facts right, should I need to correspond with them.

  Stuartli 12:07 12 Mar 2006

Tiscali has a run down of the connection configuration etc at:

click here

  Totally-braindead 12:58 12 Mar 2006

I'm with Tiscali, the last time I set up my Sagem BB modem I used the latest drivers that I had downloaded from the website and it worked fine. click here

  spuds 13:13 12 Mar 2006

Stuartli- I used the wizard and other methods, then tried Tiscali for more support.

Totally-braindead. Used the original SpeedTouch installation disk. Will wait to see what Tiscali provides, then use your link for perhaps latest updates. Would mention that I also have the Sagem [email protected] 800 E2T, provided by Tiscali as a possible substitute modem, if required.

Just thought that it was curious that Tiscali support, seemed to offer the only solution of a copy of the 'original' installation disk. See what they send me ?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:25 12 Mar 2006

All you need is the modem drivers and the connection details once the line is activated.

  spuds 13:47 12 Mar 2006

Fruit Bat-- That's what I used, but still had problems getting a connection at first. Still trying to understand why Tiscali support, insisted that I would need the Tiscali installation disk!!.

Will need to wait, and see what they send?.

  spuds 17:29 12 Mar 2006

Will tick as resolved, and see what Tiscali sends.

Found it slightly annoying, when I kept being placed on hold. Wasn't sure if the agent was seeking advice from elsewhere, or whether he was ordering whatever he was going to send, via another link-up.And the Chinese voice, that kept interrupting with an announcement, made me wondered if I was being Googled :o).

  Jackcoms 18:42 12 Mar 2006

"was informed that I would need the original Tiscali installation disk, and due to the fact that I didn't have this"

Quite right too. This time around keep your Tiscali CD safe. It will avoid any further hassle if you have to re-install again in the future.

  spuds 19:02 12 Mar 2006

Jackcoms-- I recall my original installation disk was a cover disk freebie for PAYG many moons ago :o(

  Jackcoms 19:13 12 Mar 2006

As a long-time member of this Forum it never fails to amaze me how often people post with:

"I need to re-install ........ - but I've lost my Windows CD or my Office CD or my ISP CD or my whatever CD."

Why can't people tuck these item away in a safe place where they can easily lay their hands on them??

After all, they've often paid good money for their CDs and should take better care of them.

I know EXACTLY where all the important program and installation CDs are which I might need again in the future. Why can't others do likewise?

That's it - my whinge for the day! ;-))

  spuds 11:04 14 Mar 2006

Received today,flimsy soggy (postman's getting wet, its raining) brown envelope and cd disk titled 'Broadband Installation CD'.

Cannot recall seeing anything like that cd, when I set-up my BroadBand connection in the past.Due to the fact that I managed to get myself on-line, whilst waiting for Tiscali's solution. I MUST keep this cd in a safe-keeping hiding place, for perhaps future use :o)

Thanks again everyone for your kindly responses. Ticked as resolved

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