Broad band connection but cannot access internet?

  logoff 18:40 04 Nov 2008

I am with Orange -joined when with Wanadoo. Use a Livebox as the BB modem with two wired connections.

When first joined had a fairly old Windows XP SP2 machine and connected this first to the Livebox.

Bought new machine this year which runs on Windows Vista Home Premium. Connected this via the second wired connection. No problem. Both accessed internet OK. A couple of weeks ago the XP machine attempted to download SP3 for XP via Windows automatic update-it failed to install and since then have not been able to access the Internet.

Have been on to Orange tech support at some length on several occasions now. On the first, after trying everything he could thing of the technician suggested it must be a browser problem. Obtained new copy of IE 7 from MS and uninstalled old version and reinstalled. No change. The thing is the LAN shows connected in the tray at 100 Mbps but when trying to open IE or Firefox unable to access any web pages.

Any suggestions gratefully received. Have been told today they are getting an engineer to do a line test but-don't think it is that.

Thanks in advance.

  compumac 18:45 04 Nov 2008

I have XP SP3 on two PC's but when my laptop automatically downloaded SP3 I also found that I could not access the internet. I removed SP3 and immediately everything was back to normal.

  logoff 18:48 04 Nov 2008

Thanks for that compumac -SP3 did not actually seem to install. Got some sort of error message and then I turned off the automatic Windows update function.

Thanks anyway.

  Technotiger 19:05 04 Nov 2008

Have you tried a System Restore back to before the failed update?

  logoff 20:20 04 Nov 2008

inmymind- thanks, have tried this several times with Orange support-was hopeful....but did not work.

Technotiger-excellent suggestion which I did attempt -before I realised I had turned it off prior to an upgrade to install new HD, DVD-RW and other upgrades to make a bit more up to date. My wife uses (sorry, did use) prior to this for e-mail and ancestory research mainly. Drat and double drat!!

Could it be I connected to the Livebox using the older machine initially-the new one just seemed to plug in and work. Would it be better to install the Livebox on the new PC and then "attempt" to add the older as an additional PC?

Orange think it doesn't make any difference but...can't get it to work yet!
Thanks for the suggestions though so far


  compumac 20:38 04 Nov 2008

SP3 did not seem to install on my laptop after which I could not access the internet. Just check in Add/Remove to see if SP3 is showing. I found that despite that it did not install properly SP3 was shown.

  logoff 21:58 04 Nov 2008

compumac-thanks for that. Will try but probably not before tomorrow evening now.

Think I did check and system still shows as SP2 but will check again.

Thanks to all - Regards


  Ashrich 22:15 04 Nov 2008

Sounds like a broken Winsock to me , or possibly TCP/IP stack is damaged . These are easily repaired if broken ( if not broken this procedure won't do any harm ) Open a command prompt ( start/programs/accessories ) and type in , without quote marks ...netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt , and press return , then type in ...netsh winsock reset catalog , press enter again . You will be asked to reboot , type " exit " press enter , type " exit " again and then reboot , see if that will get you back online .


  logoff 11:09 05 Nov 2008

Ashrich -thanks for that-Orange tech support took me through a similar procedure with no luck but will try this again tonight -your sequence above looks slightly different to what they suggested


  Belatucadrus 11:16 05 Nov 2008

It may be worth checking that Internet protocol TCP/IP is still selected in your Network connections properties.

  logoff 17:53 05 Nov 2008

Hi Belatucadrus -I am back home now and will try this and the suggestions of Ashrich -will let you know what happens.

Thanks again

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