British/UK spellchecker for Outlook Express?

  Happy37 07:40 06 Jun 2007

Hi all

Just wanted to know if there is a free British/UK spellchecker for Outlook Express available?

Does anyone out there know of one and where I can get hold of it, please?

As I have got Office 2007 installed on my PC, I have read on the Internet that Office 2007 “breaks” the Spell check function in Outlook Express? - is this correct?

Otherwise, could I not use the Office 2007 British/UK spell-check function in Outlook Express?

If not, where do I get a 3rd party solution?

Please let me know - all responses gratefully received.



  Technotiger 08:00 06 Jun 2007

Courtesy of Google ...

click here

  Happy37 08:24 06 Jun 2007

Hi Technotiger

Have seen these on Google...will check and let you know in due course.

Any other solutions?

  MAJ 09:18 06 Jun 2007
  Happy37 13:27 06 Jun 2007

Hi MAJ and all others who replied

Have had a look at the suggestions - does anyone else have any other suggestions and fixes that they have used and would like to share?

Will try out 2 fixes that I have read about in due course and report back with my results.

One is the csapi3t1.dll “expand” fix, and the other fix is to uninstall all of the Proofing Tools in Office 2007 and then to install the Proofing Tools from Office 2003 or earlier.

Thanks again and regards

  Stuartli 13:38 06 Jun 2007

Also OESpell:

click here

There's also IESpell:

click here

  Happy37 11:51 14 Jun 2007

Hi all

Just popping back to let you all know that I have fixed the Windows XP/Outlook Express spell-check problem by using the Proofing Tools from Office 2000 and all now works well.

On the other hand, I am also using Windows Vista as a dual-boot option on my PC.

I have used Windows Mail and have found it to be really slowww compared to Outlook Express.

I have tried Mozilla Thunderbird - will see how I get on with this program before I accept to use it in due course.

Would anyone care to share his or her thoughts/comments on Mozilla Thunderbird?

In the end, though, I have opted to use Microsoft Outlook 2007 as my email client in Windows Vista - would this be a good choice, or should I carry on using Mozilla Thunderbird and why?

Is there a way also to speed up Microsoft Outlook 2007's initial start-up routine so that it would start up faster?

Are there any other tips that you could all pass on for using Microsoft Outlook 2007 with Windows Vista?

Please let me know - all responses gratefully received.



  Happy37 15:11 18 Jun 2007

Hi all

All is now working well with Outlook 2007 - have seen forum posts that state that Outlook 2007 is slow.

Have downloaded the MS patch - will try and install it to see if this helps or not.#

Will report back on this...

However, I have got another query related to Outlook 2007:-

To all of the other people that use it:-

The other thing about Outlook 2007 - in Outlook Express, there is an ability to just "Send" an email, just to "Receive", or to "Send and Receive All".

Can this be set up in Outlook by a setting, Registry tweak or an Add-In as sometimes I only like to just send or just receive, but not both?

Or, simply, have I missed something?

When I just send an email via Send All, Outlook still shows 2 tasks, sending and receiving, not just the one task. (sending) - I only want it to send my emails, not receive!?

When I ask Outlook to receive/download all of my emails via Send/Receive All, Outlook still shows 2 tasks, sending and receiving, not just the one task.(receiving) - I only want it to receive/download my emails, not send!?

My copy of Outlook 2007 only has Send/Receive All and Send All. Can I not just send or just receive email in Outlook 2007 like Outlook Express? There is no Receive (All) button in Outlook?

Please let me know - all responses gratefully received.



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