British Telecom Phone Bills.

  AlanRLong50 10:23 18 Jan 2005

My cousin has received a bill from BT for £1200.00. BT blame her for making all these calls even though she hasn't made them.Many are for pornographic TV channels, pornographic chatlines and TV shopping channels. BT responses blame her computer for having a virus which has dialled all these numbers and also blame her satellite TV system for doing the same. I suspect her home phone has been hacked into.Can I please ask you great people to tell me if a computer and TV satellite system can produce a virus that dials all these selected numbers? Also,is it possible for a computer hacker to use my cousins phone number whilst dialling these numbers from another phone? The current investigation is through her MP as BT simply don't want to know.As my cousin is a 365/24/7 carer for her disabled husband,the phone is used mainly for emergencies. Can I please ask if you great people can help me find a cause and forward it to BT please? Thank you so very much for your kind help.

  Graham ® 10:26 18 Jan 2005

It would appear your cousin has a dialer. This is BTs response:

click here

  Chezdez 10:42 18 Jan 2005

"In the event that we believe that the charge is a result of an errant dialler, we will still ask you to pay the BT bill in full, however, BT will allow some extra time for payment to be made. "


it would appear that you do have a dialler 'installed', get adaware and spybot immediately, and run scans with both

click here

click here

  KENTMAN2 10:57 18 Jan 2005

Alan, i used to work for bt and was involved in checking customers lines for taps and tees in cases like this. I can assure you that it is extremely rare to find any interference on custs lines but you should still ask bt to do a security check on this line to eliminate that possibility. It is 99.9% cent sure that this is dialler related.

  Dennis1 11:21 18 Jan 2005

I read somewhere only this week that bt now hold onto premium rate payments for 30days so that if anyone is caught by a rogue dialler they have a chance to get their money back, She should contact "icstic" I think that's the name of the org responsible, If I can find the article again I'll get back to you.It's always the same when you need to find something urgently.Dennis

  Starfox 11:31 18 Jan 2005

Never heard of them having a virus BUT there are recorded cases of Sky tv boxes developing a fault which causes them do a dial out for a time check every 45 seconds giving the owners an enormous phone bill.

After seeing evidence of this myself I unplugged my Sky box from the phone socket and it won't be going back in.

  Salinger 11:33 18 Jan 2005

Urgent legislation should be introduced to make BT and any other phone providers refund these iniquitous charges when anyone disputes that they made the calls. It might be abused by some who do dial the numbers - but the onus should be put squarely on the phone companies to prove that a dialler wasn't involved. If this costs the phone companies money they can pay it out of their share of these obscene profits (pun intended).

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:38 18 Jan 2005
  Stuartli 11:58 18 Jan 2005

I read the same piece - if so it will most likely have been in the Daily Mail.

  Stuartli 11:59 18 Jan 2005

Unfortunately we have a recyle paper collection every Monday morning....:-(

  recap 12:10 18 Jan 2005

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