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  steve263000 00:29 03 Jul 2010

Hi all, Well I have been at it again and not only have I rebuilt another one of my site that I had free space with, I have purchased some web space from heart internet and completely over worked the site. It is at click here and as usual I would like any input that you feel able to give.

Once again the menu style I am not overly happy with. I feel that it maybe a little heavy for the site. What does the forum think?

  steve263000 09:19 03 Jul 2010

As usual Forum Member you have given excellent and spiteful comments. (I still think YouTube is magic!)

The query about the italic links is because they have been put in as an 'offsite' link as extra to the main menu links. I will have to look at that.

The colour scheme has been bothering me a little and that is something else to look at.

I have a page name on every page except for the home page but I will look again at that.

I know what you mean about permissions and most were taken from open sites but I will sort that out.

  Forum Editor 09:28 03 Jul 2010

and in particular with the concern he expresses about copyright. You're technically in breach of copyright when you paste slabs of text from other sources, and it would be wise to make contact with the people who run websites to ensure that they're happy about what you've done.

The vogue for fancy site backgrounds died out a long time ago, and the clouds detract from the real business, which is to engage people with the content. You have plenty of that, and you should let it speak for itself. I would lose the animated 'welcome to my website' gif immediately, it's an unwelcome distraction, and the text would be easier to read if it was black, and a point size smaller.

All that aside, it's an interesting site, and with some redesign you'll have something that will gradually build traffic. Keep it updated regularly - sites like this need constant injections of new content.

  steve263000 11:48 03 Jul 2010

FE and FM, believe me that the above was not meant to be sarcastic. I really value the opinions of those with much more knowledge than me. If I did not then I would not put the site in here for comments.

I have just reread my comments! I said 'spiteful' I meant to put 'insightful'. I am so sorry about that as I REALLY do value opinions on my sites. I will take on board what you have said and have another damn good look at it.

  steve263000 15:46 03 Jul 2010

Well mate I deserved that one! I have been kicking myself all afternoon for that stupid schoolboy error. (Mind you so have half the England football team.....)

  steve263000 20:56 03 Jul 2010

Thanks to Forum member and the Forum Editor I have had a good look at the site and 'hopefully' used some of their excellent idea. I was never that happy with the menu as I have said and re-done it completely. It looks good to me and hope that it is OK.

  steve263000 09:18 04 Jul 2010

Thanks a lot for looking at it again. Once again I am in the middle of just having a little 'fiddle' around and making a couple of small changes and adding someone else.

I will take your comments and have a look at them

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