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  Glen 19:51 29 Apr 2004

My Britannica Encyclopaedia won’t run.
On renewing my subscription, I received the Britannica Encyclopaedia free gift CD. The program has been installed, with the icon on the desktop but it will not run. However I am able to open the associated Help section. I have tried both the Compact Installation and the Complete installation.
This CD is produced by Focus MultiMedia. Some months ago I bought ‘Photo Printing for dummies’ from the same company and was unable to run it. Despite getting a lot of help from Focus who even tested my CD and returned it, I could not run it. Eventually I returned it and got a refund.
My PC runs Windows 98SE and is otherwise quite normal in operation. (CPU 600 Mhz, 64 MB RAM, Hard disc 15GB). I do not have a Windows 98 installation CD, instead have three Recovery CDs supplied by Packard Bell. What can I do?


  johnnyrocker 19:53 29 Apr 2004

are you by any chance using za and norton?


  Glen 19:51 30 Apr 2004

To Johnneyrocker
Yes, I use ZA, but am trying to view a CD offline. Is it relevant?

  Wak 16:56 01 May 2004

Glen, If you put the CD in the drive and then open Windows Explorer, can you see the CD title and contents???
Are the contents in the right hand panel of Explorer??
What happens if you right click on one of the files (setup.exe??? or something similar) and select OPEN???

  GaT7 17:13 01 May 2004

What does it say is the minimum system requirements to run the program? Everything seems OK except the RAM (64Mb), which is a bit on the low side - just a thought...

  GaT7 18:14 01 May 2004

Just paid a visit to the Britannica website & found this - "After installation Britannica will not run" - click here. It's for the 2002 Deluxe edition, the same applies for the Standard edition & couldn't find anything for later editions - the same may hold good for all editions anyway.

Try the tips there to increase system resources &/or close other running programs. If the problem persists you may want to increase your RAM to atleast 128Mb. I know the site says the program needs a minimum of 96Mb RAM (for Win 2000/Me/XP users). Tell me what kind of RAM your motherboard (MB) takes or tell me the MB make & model.

  Glen 20:49 04 May 2004

Thanks for all the help. Tried again with everything closed including my antivirus and my Firewall. In explorer found a button Install Britannica. After a long wait got the message " There is not enough memory to rubn this program". So now I know I must upgrade asap. You guys were right.

  GaT7 21:36 04 May 2004

What are you thinking of upgrading? Only the RAM? If you tell me your motherboard (make/model) & the type of memory it takes I can send you a 64Mb module (which is gathering dust anyway!) for free. The memory module on offer is a 64Mb 168-pin PC100 DIMM.

  Glen 23:26 12 May 2004

Crossbow 7

Re memory and Motherboard – found out only Motherboard by Gigabyte ( No model or details), and Chipset – Intel i810, Revision 3. Memory 64MB RAM dynamically shared with graphics.

Packard Bell support says:- Maximum memory 512 MB (128-bit technology) or 2565 MB (64-bit technology) DIMM modules. Your motherboard supports 3.3 Volt “Gold-plated” SDRAM DIMM modules. These modules should be 100 MHz, can be both “single-sided” or “double-sided”.

If your 64 MB DIMM is still available, can I pay for the postage?


  GaT7 00:18 13 May 2004

Hi Glen, yes the DIMM is still available & thanks for the info. Seems the module I have will fit & work on your motherboard. It will be in tomorrow's post (if I remember!). No, don't worry about the postage - it won't be much anyway. Have you fitted memory before? It's fairly straight-forward - I'll include some basic instructions just in case.

  Totally-braindead 00:29 13 May 2004

Its nice to see someone so willing to help another Forum member. Well done Crossbow7.

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