Britannica Concise 2006 with PCA 128

  johndrew 18:01 03 Feb 2006

Sound daft to me but I installed it and it worked fine. I then had a virus and lost it due to a restore etc.

Now when I install it it appears to be fine (takes the serial number and goes through the install routine) but when I run it I get the headers and frame but the remainder is white and nothing I have tried makes it work.

Any suggestions as to files that I may have missed in my cleanup or ideas to get a workable solution please?

  howard63 20:44 03 Feb 2006

you need to uninstall it from add/rem progs in control panel. Then after a reboot do a clean install.

  johndrew 16:02 04 Feb 2006

Thanks for responding.

Britannica was not installed when I read your posting so I:
1. shut down the firewall and AVG
2. installed it and ran it - still no data only the frame
3. rebooted the PC and ran it again - still no data
4. removed Britannica using `Add/Remove`
5. ran `Search` for any entries and/or files - found two, both in C:\Documents and Settings\John\application data\spybot - search & destroy\RegLocalReg. Both have the same date 16.01.2006 and are of a similar size. Presumably these are Registry entries(?).
6. ran `Registry Mechanic` and found nine problems, two mentioned Britannica. Repaired.
7. rebooted
8. shut down the firewall and AVG
9. installed it and ran it - still no data only the frame
10. rebooted the PC and ran it again - still no data

Britannica is currently `installed` but not usable.

I have no more ideas other than there is an entry somewhere telling part of the program either not to run or not letting it install properly.

More help would be appreciated.

  johndrew 20:03 06 Feb 2006

I have moved this to Absolute Beginners Forum in the hope that someone will see it and be able to help.

  johndrew 11:33 15 May 2006

I closed this thread because I managed to get an answer from Britannica Help Desk.

They advised that a file called `.webrenderer` had to be deleted befor reinstallation was possible.

I should have added this before I closed the thread.


The only way of getting the serial number was to follow the instructions on the CD. Time has now past and I doubt that Britannica are providing it anymore but you could try their Help Desk.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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