Bringing to life old computer

  Border View 09:59 08 Mar 2008

I have an old Evesham computer which was purchased in 2000. It has an “A” slot mother board, excellent graffics and sound cards, 384 Mb RAM. The only thing it lacks is a hard drive.

I also have a Sumo 320 Gb External Hard Disk 3.5”/USB 2.0

Will I be able to get my old computer up and running using this external hard drive?

I only ask because I hate to throw anything out and my old Evesham tower is currently acting as ballast for my computer desk.

Would welcome your comments – positive or negative.


  MAJ 10:06 08 Mar 2008

Hell, I throw nothing out, Barmoor. It's unlikely that the BIOS will support booting from a USB drive, you could look for a BIOS update, but it would probably be better to get a new hard drive for it. click here

  micksmixxx 10:07 08 Mar 2008

I'm assuming that everything else is alright with your computer, but yes you can get it working again.

My suggestion would be to remove the external hard drive from it's housing/caddy and put it inside the tower. This way your hard drive wouldn't be restricted with data transfer speeds by using USB. (You could always utilise the caddy at some point in the future ... when you decide you need extra space to save stuff, or back stuff up.)

I'm sure you're already aware that a computer from around 2000 will not be running the latest games, etc., and if you're thinking of installing Windows XP, I'd suggest that you could do with a bit more RAM.

Other than that, give it a go. I'm sure you'll learn from the experience.

Best of luck.

  Border View 10:16 08 Mar 2008

Many thanks for the encouragement.

As far as I know everything else inside the tower is OK. My external hard drive doesnt come in a caddy.

I was thinking about using XP. Thinking out loud, I'm sure I've read somewhere that if you buy a new hard drive, the seller will also sell you an OEM of XP. Will do some more research into this.

Will let you know how I get on.

Regards - Barmoor

  MAJ 10:20 08 Mar 2008

Yes, that's true, Barmoor. click here

  DieSse 11:08 08 Mar 2008

"My external hard drive doesnt come in a caddy."

Inside the casing/caddy/housing - call it what you will) - there will be a standard hard drive, which you can take our one way or another.

  Border View 11:35 08 Mar 2008

DieSse - got ya

  lofty29 12:03 08 Mar 2008

The only thing you have to remeber is that the oem XP will only work on the old pc, you cannot transfer it to another machine in the future

  Ozy 12:46 08 Mar 2008

why do you and others say that, its not true,
i am typing on a vista computer that used to have an oem ( i always buy oem and i have built 18 computers )xp on it, i built another computer and put the oem xp on it and it works fine.
i have done the same to other computers as i upgraded

  DieSse 14:53 08 Mar 2008

"i built another computer and put the oem xp on it and it works fine."

Yes - it may do - but to do so is to break the conditions of the licence you agreed to.

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