Brief hangs when on the Internet

  Graphicool1 16:01 22 Feb 2013

Windows 7

When I'm using my PC offline it's a whizz. But as soon as I go on line it's a different story. Straight away, whatever site I'm on hangs for just a few seconds. The little blue circle goes round a few time, like it's loading something. Then the page gives a little jump and it's ok. Until I either turn the page or go to another website. Then it's the same again and again?

It's a bit like trying to watch a video on YouTube, when sometimes it keeps stopping due to buffering?

  woodchip 16:08 22 Feb 2013

You may not be able to do anything about it, as it may just be that you have poor download speeds Have you tried running a test with Namesco BBMax online

  Graphicool1 16:38 22 Feb 2013

No, until now i've never heard of them. but I'll try now. Okay, been there done that, it doesn't mean anything to me but here is the result...

Download Speed = 5875kbps

Upload Speed = 376kbps

Pick the bones out of that and then let me know if it's good, bad, or mediochre

  woodchip 16:57 22 Feb 2013

Download is ok but Upload is poor speed you may be getting corrupt packets as well

  Graphicool1 17:11 22 Feb 2013

"you may be getting corrupt packets as well"?

I've run all the usual tests for viruses, malware, spyware, trojans etc and my PC has passed everyone. The above numbers I posted are much higher than they used to be before I upgraded my ISP and I wasn't getting this problem then. In fact I upgraded last year and this problem has only started happening over the past couple of weeks?

I've been thinking things like overheating, PSU power low, since I recently installed a new sound card...Creative Sound Blaster Z

  woodchip 17:29 22 Feb 2013

Try turning the router off, it may have a button at the back. start it back up after 5 minutes

  Graphicool1 17:30 22 Feb 2013


I tried the flush downs, it made no difference. I use Firefox but I've tried Comodo Ice Dragon and IE9 and it's more or less the same with them. I've just noticed that sometimes, when it's having a short lag, at the top of the page it says, if using Firefox...mozilla (not responding). Also while I'm waiting for it to respond I can move the mouse about on the page.

As for the speed, just ove 10MB is exactly what I'm supposed to be getting, it used to be 5MB. As such I'm not complaining about the speed. I live in the middle of the Norfolk countryside, in a remote village, believe me when I tell you that this is fast for us.

  woodchip 17:32 22 Feb 2013

in browser turn java script off and try it

  rdave13 17:47 22 Feb 2013

Graphicool1, this is on the cloned hdd?

  Graphicool1 17:55 22 Feb 2013


Yes, but it was doing this before I cloned it and the reason for my cloning was it sait there was a bad block on the other drive. Which I wrongly it seems assumed that it was that which was causing these problems. But now it seems it wasn't that at all, but it has to be something?

  Graphicool1 18:01 22 Feb 2013

When you say...

"in browser turn java script off and try it"

Can you tell me where that is in firefox?

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