Bridge Photos into CS3 Elements

  Spr 14:37 10 Oct 2014

Trying to open a Bridge photo DNG/CR2 in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Elements

“Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document”

I can open photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

It is Adobe Photoshop CS3 Elements that we are using on our course but I only have CS3 Elements my laptop. How can I get around this problem I know it would be easier to load Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, I don’t have it I tried it out on my friends PC.

  john bunyan 16:13 10 Oct 2014


I currently use Photoshop CS5, but did have CS3 a couple of years ago. Adobe Bridge is a filing system for Photoshop CS and not for Elements. I have not heard of Adobe Photoshop Elements CS3- are you sure it is not plain Photoshop CS3? As I understand it DNG is an Adobe RAW file, and CR2 is the Canon version of RAW. I am not familiar with RAW, but maybe hssutton will see this and reply!

In the meantime have a read here:

Adobe forum

  hssutton 16:14 10 Oct 2014

Not sure what you mean by a Bridge photo, unless of course it's a photo of a bridge. However you do say it's a CR2 file, so I guess it's a raw file taken by a Canon camera. There are a number of editors that will open a CR2 file with the better one being Canons DPP software This can be downloaded from Canon.

This is the link to DPP Canons raw convertor

DPP raw convertor

  Spr 08:59 11 Oct 2014

Sorry It should have been Adobe Photoshop CS3 Elements my camera is a Connon

  john bunyan 10:10 11 Oct 2014

Maybe you need a RAW plug in! See


  hssutton 17:29 11 Oct 2014

John I've already provided links to suitable software from Canon, which is excellent, but Spr should have the software on disk unless he bought his Canon camera seconhand

  john bunyan 18:48 11 Oct 2014


Sorry, should have left it to you!

  hssutton 19:18 11 Oct 2014

Hey John nothing to be sorry about, but I find it strange that Spr appeared to ignore the post I made and still says Photoshop CS3 Elements, even though you pointed out there was no such editor as CS3 Elements.

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