tonyx1302 12:42 20 Aug 2003

I seemed to have aquired loads of now unused screensavers which I would like to thin out. Can some one please tell me how I can delete a dozen or so from my Display Props menu.
Many thanks for any help

  Taff36 12:51 20 Aug 2003

Do a search on your C drive for .SCR files.

In explorer highlight your c drive and in the search fo box type *.scr - The results should display recogniseable screensavers. Generally they are in a folder called System 32 .

By highlighting those you don`t want you can remove them by hitting the delete box.

Check back to properties and they should have disappeared.

  [DELETED] 12:53 20 Aug 2003

some screensavers are installed in such a way as to be uninstallable from the add/remove programs in the control panel. others you will have to delete manually from the system folder in which they are located. if you do not actually wish to get rid of them then put them in a Zip folder.
the list in the 'display props menu' is created afresh on each incarnation so the ones you have eradicated will not show up the next time you open it.

  tonyx1302 14:35 20 Aug 2003

Many thanks Taff 36 & horiz5. I have located some screensavers in folder System 32 but I cannot delete them by highlighting as after deleting they just pop back again, also horiz5, where will I find the system folder in which you suggest they will be?
Thanks for any further help

  [DELETED] 14:37 20 Aug 2003

System32 is the system folder.

"after deleting they just pop back again" - Screensavers that re-appear after deletion? Is your AV up to date?

  [DELETED] 14:49 20 Aug 2003

Good point Jester2K II. I believe that viruses can be hidden in *.scr files.

Breitling, you need to put a short description of your problem in the title header - not your screen name! You'll get more responses that way.

  [DELETED] 14:52 20 Aug 2003

Indeed for example

Yaha-k click here

A further copy of the worm may also appear in the system folder with one of the following filenames:

If you have AV update it and do a full scan.

If not get AVG free click here - update and scan.

  tonyx1302 15:10 20 Aug 2003

There is a helpfull world out there!! Many thanks Jester2K11,horiz5,Peverelli etc etc. I have taken all suggestions on board and have done a scan.All okay Thank God. I will persevere as per your ideas but at present the bloody things are still there!!! Any other suggestions(simple, as I am a complete novice too the be gratefully received.

  [DELETED] 15:25 20 Aug 2003

If a screensaver was previously installed and is listed in Add/Remove Programs (Control Panel) or in the Start menu with an "Uninstall" or "Remove" option, try removing it that way instead of just deleting the file.

  tonyx1302 15:36 20 Aug 2003

Peverelli.............Been there.. Done luck. The main problems are ones that I have down loaded. Some of them are quite very long,ie the BBC's new weather screen saver suggested in this months 'Computer Active' mag. Am I using a great deal of memory by just leaving them in the Display Props? Should I just forget about them?
Thanks again

  [DELETED] 15:42 20 Aug 2003

Have any of these screensavers left a folder in the Programs section of the Start Menu?

If so, see if they have an "uninstall" there and try that.


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