Breathe and Spam

  Taff36 10:09 13 Mar 2005

I have had a breathemail account for many years and used my e-mail address as a personal account. In the last three weeks I suddenly started receiving up to 65 spam mails a day which I intercept using web mail and delete without downloading as many as possible. The Breathe spam filters which I turned on the account (Standard protection and something called Spam Cop) don`t seem to be any use at all.

Q1 - Anyone else having the same problems with breathe or have I just become unlucky?

Q2 - Never having had a major problem with Spam before what are my options. Freeware or purchased?

Q3 - Any other common sense solutions to prevent it getting worse? A friend of mine with BT Openworld gets treble this but their spam filter puts it in a vault and it never gets to her inbox.

  VoG II 10:13 13 Mar 2005

Morning Taff36

Q2 - Mailwasher - free click here or paid for click here

  Taff36 10:26 13 Mar 2005

Morning VoG - Haven`t been around much recently so nice to hear from you!

Do you use Mailwasher? I was under the apprehension that if I bounced the spam messages it made the situation worse i.e. it confirmed the e-mail address and more spam followed. Any thoughts?

  Taff36 13:03 13 Mar 2005

Anyone else got any thoughts?

  VoG II 14:40 13 Mar 2005


Yes I use Mailwasher on my Hotmail account which is where I get most of my spam. I just delete the spam off the server rather than bouncing.

  Taff36 18:19 13 Mar 2005

I`ll set it up and let you know hw I get on.

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