Breathe Mail Problems Again?

  Taff™ 07:17 23 Dec 2007

Mailwasher & Outlook haven`t been able to log into Breathemail for the last couple of days and I wondered if anyone else is experiencing problems?

After the last debacle back in April, when their servers were inaccessible for over three weeks, I made alternative arrangements for my personal and business mail but I do still get a few messages from old mates via Breathemail.

  Taff™ 20:26 23 Dec 2007


Has everyone abandoned breathe?

  p;3 20:44 23 Dec 2007

any help?click here

  p;3 20:48 23 Dec 2007

or even

click here

and scroll down a bit

cannot yet find anything on on- line status

  p;3 20:59 23 Dec 2007

scroll to the extreme RIGHT of this page to the status bits; problem may well be with your settings

click here

can you log into the web mail bit on server?

  Taff™ 06:32 24 Dec 2007

Hi p;3, Tried all those previously and checked all the settings. It`s pretty much the same as April. Logging in to their webmail produces the message that the account has been disabled because someone has incorrectly logged into the account three times. (The same message that Breathe Support told us to ignore previously)

It would be pretty unlikely that both Mailwasher and Outlook have corrupted the e-mail settings on the same day but I have re-entered them anyway. Looks like I`ll have to just sit it out again. I`ll try support again this morning and see what happens.

  Taff™ 12:42 24 Dec 2007

Managed to log on to webmail at lunchtime. Checked their forums and confirmed that there are major problems again. Some pretty upset people on there! Customer Service is again non-existant apparently. Ah Well - Merry Christmas Breathe!

Can`t see they`ll have any customers left by the new year.

  lenc 14:56 24 Dec 2007

I've got accounts on 2 Breathe domains and both are working for webmail.

  caccy 16:18 24 Dec 2007

Dumped Breathe in October this year owing to their total disregard to customers complaints/problems(the customer is always wrong and doesn't know what they are talking about attitude).

  Taff™ 08:31 25 Dec 2007

lenc - you`re right in that it`s pretty much the same as before, some of the domains are working normally but many are not. Webmail only became accessible for me yesterday, Outlook still reports a problem with their server responses.

  Taff™ 07:22 28 Dec 2007

Ah! Now they tell us:

"Dear Users, development work is taking place on the mail platform over the holiday period, which may mean disruption to POP and IMAP services. You can still access your email through the Webmail interface. Apologies for any inconvenience!"

What a diabolical way to treat your customers. No advance warning, non-existent customer support and the only way to contact them is via a premium telephone service.

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