Breathe ISP and new Dialer

  akzah 22:47 29 May 2003


I am with Breathe ISP and just got a email asking to download the new dialer aviable at click here though it does not seem to work. It trys to get your details but fails.

There support is terrible and 50p per minute help line, so has anyone here had a problem today??

Thanks for any help


  Lú-tzé 08:02 30 May 2003

1 - do you have a DUN connection for Breathe?

2 - do you have a firewall blocking its access to the Breathe site?

3 - does the prog find a DUN for Breathe?

Maybe the site was busy because of the number of people trying to connect the new dialler.

  The Spires 08:41 30 May 2003

I would move to an ISP that don't need no dialer. With the dial up software on XP now I can't see any reason to need one, Breather looking at their help file have no intention of letting you know the number either. It does look like your firewall may be blocking the dialer, >>Q: I have a firewall. Are there any special changes I need to make?
A: Yes. You must set your firewall to allow outbound TCP packets on port 45999.<<

Very stange.

  The Spires 08:50 30 May 2003

If you are not sure how to make the firewall changes please post back. :-)

  Bandy 14:23 30 May 2003

I've just managed to download it and setup for a friend - however when installed it comes up with the "can't find numbers" box.

The disconnect box is greyed outand the only way of connecting at the moment is via the VISP Dun I've set up.

I'll let you know if I get any further

  akzah 16:22 30 May 2003

well I am leaving Breathe at the end of next month for broadband but this is really annoying as I have installed the dialer though it stays there constanly and you can't close it when online.

Don't have a clue why they have done this other than to make it easier for beginners to get online.


  Bandy 00:46 31 May 2003

Have tried the VISP dialler again and although the conect box doesn't seem to work the other buttons marked "Browse the Web" and "Email" do.

Havent found a way to disconnect yet though, aprt from usint the icons in the Taskbar.

Not very impressed so far.

  jeez 01:10 31 May 2003

I thought breathe went bust?

  bof:) 09:58 03 Aug 2003

Jeez I think they did (but not 100% sure )cos I joined them when they 1st set up and paid £50 for 'unlimited' access to the net.

After a few weeks I recieved an email one morning stating they were going to cut me off that afternoon because of my 'over use' of their server. They thought I was a business, I am not and never have been.

So after many heated discussions on the phone (when I could finally get through) they agreed to refund my £50 which they did.

I have also recieved the email mentioned by akzah but being already on BB I thought it would not apply to myself. I would not have to install the Breathe dialer?

Yesterday, and this morning I have been unable to collect any of my emails that were set up on the 'Classicfm' email site.

So have I lost this email address for good?


  daba 16:48 03 Aug 2003

For the reasons below....

1. I do not want to use a 'desktop dialler' program at all.

2. The last time I tried a 'friendly' dialler few years ago, it messed up my PC bad. So I e-mailed Breathe support twice, asking for assurances etc. etc. guess what, I got NO replies !

3. When they did 'pull the plug' and put up this VitalRegistrations page, I thought I'd give the diaaler download and install a try (only way to proceed I thought). guess what - it didn't work !

4. In all, it took me NINE AND A HALF HOURS SOLID on the phone, spread over two days, to get to speak to "Technical Support", and I use the term very loosely. To me they did'nt sound computer-trained people at all, everything they did or said was coming from a script.

5. I was informed that access to the internet would require the use of their dialler, and initiation of dial-up would require the entry of my e-mail address, and my e-mail password !!!! Now run that by me again, I've got to give all the family my e-mail password so they can get on the internet ! Don't think so buddy !!.

6. Anyway left Breathe now, went BB with Tiscali (free modem and connection), but in the interim period I demanded they give me internet access, and they provided details for a 'backdoor' dial-up access phone number that by-passes the VitalRegistrations page. I used that for 4 weeks while BB got installed (I know it should have only been 15 days but thats another story).

My guess is Breathe must have Lost at least 50% of their customers, just because some brainless halfwit thinks desktop-diallers are the answer.

  seedie 17:45 03 Aug 2003

I've been shunted over to breathe from Affinity, who were providing for WHSMITHNET.

I regarded the desktop dialler as silly and a bit of a nuisance but a file they download to you contains many dialup numbers, any one of which you may use to set your own connection in dialup networking.

An SAE will put you in the picture.


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